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Hair Today – Gone Tomorrow

I am not sure if you have been following my Instagram (if not WHY NOT? Hee Hee) lately but you might have noticed a slight change to my appearance.  Gone are the long straggly locks ( those who know me KNOW I hate getting my hair cut as I never know what to ask for.)  Now I have above the shoulder hair locks, scary at first but I am loving the new shorter hairstyle.  It was true…”the first cut was the deepest…”  Cheesy I know but it really was that initial snip and I did utter a little gasp as it was a shock to see HOW MUCH hair was cut off.  Your mind accepts that you are getting your hair cut but the actual reality of it becomes a physical shock to the system.  It was like “Oh my God…there is no going back now”.  I had to complete the hair cut, it was not like they could stick it back on if I shrieked “I changed my mind!”  I have to admit I had always smirked and sniggered when watching the top model reality shows when they come to the make over episode.  There is always one girl who freaks out.  Cynical me always thought “this is not the first series, you should realize what is coming…”  However, I now understand it can be a shock even if you expect it.



Yes, I did mock but now I understand… Anyway, lets go into a few more details… Paul Gerrard HK has a new director who already runs a successful salon in Australia.  Hamish Glianos loves cutting asian hair which is a god send to me.  Paul Gerrard have been wonderful to me, teaching me about skin care and also now responding to my hair SOS.  They truly seem to be a friendly and the atmosphere is really friendly and chilled.  The addition of the new director has not made any difference to the family atmosphere. OK so yes, I had a chop.  It was more than I expected but in the long run it has been a blessing.  Hamish advised just above the shoulders and also to have the cut at the back shorter than the front. The front would have some face framing layers which would help me with my fear of round face.  I can theoretically blow dry it straight or keep it wavy like my natural hair is.  Or using the GHD curve wand and add more volume whilst also giving me more curls/waves. OK so tada…here are the results?

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 6.49.23 PMUsing a GHD Hair Curve Wand to try to style my new hair do…

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 6.50.44 PMWith Salon Manager Vanessa after my amazing new hair do…

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 6.50.58 PMWith the Man behind the Cut… Paul Gerrard HK’s New Director – Hamish Glianos

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 6.50.01 PM

It passed my errr “low maintenance test” I can tie it back and still look relatively decent…

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 6.50.22 PM

Big Hair –  AKA OPTIONS!  Rob Resnick from GHD Hair HK gives me a 101 to show me short hair does not mean boring hair!

You know I was enamored with my new shorter hair do if I a) buy hair products straight away (EVO dry shampoo and sea salt spray FYI) and I actively ask for hair styling options (apart from tying my hair back).  Thankfully Rob Resnick, the managing educator for GHD Hair HK/Asia was on hand to give me some tips and errr dangerously gave me freedom to play with HEATED HAIR IMPLEMENTS!!!  Yes dear readers, I was dangerously waving hot styling irons around my face and hair.  Thankfully the GHD Curve Curl Wand is easy enough to use even for a dummy like me.  Hey I even made it on the HK Tatler website for the first time so I must have done something right!

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 2.38.39 AM

So here are the details:

Paul Gerrard HK Hair Salon (Hamish Glianos cut my hair)
Pottinger Street

Tel: 2869 4408



Yes you heard correctly…I am talking about wearing navy and peach leopard print…before you run screaming from your laptop, think about it carefully.  It can actually work especially if the peach is kinda more orangey due to the leopard pattern. Exhibit One for the Defense:

Victoria Beckham Silk And Wool Blend Blue Orange Dress

If Victoria says ok then who are we to say no? Ok so back to me.  This trip was supposed to be one where I would take a whole load of outfit posts. I had some lovely brands Pedro Garcia (thank you 852West), Vamastyle and Niin to work with.  You might also see that I am currently obsessed with the textures at the park and really made me appreciate the amazing pieces I was allowed to wear (even on an unplanned outfit post).


Yes I am wearing Navy and Peach Leopard and Stripes! Esley Navy Top (Polkadot Boutique), Menorquitas (Spanish Shoes HK), Bracelet (Niin)

At this park I was obsessed with the different textures of the plants, the rock formed from trees.  So apologies for the playing around with product shots.


Niin in Nature


Amazing Rock Formations…

marble rock2

Trees Turning Into Rock…

bag corner

Amazing Details of the Pedro Garcia Tote


The Perfect Summer Tote… from Pedro Garcia (perforated leather…AMAZING)


More Navy and Peach…


Gutted that the matching sandals from Pedro Garcia did not have my size in the press samples (I felt like Cinderella’s ugly step sister who was that desperate she considered cutting off parts of her feet)

dream satin sneakers

Alternative would have been the amazing satin sneakers from the same Pedro Garcia S/S2015 collection.

Ok that is it for now…lesson to be learnt…embrace colour!


The Need for Change? Facials and Hair and Lifestyle? (Part 1 Facials)

I have been in a bit of a funk recently with looks wise.  If you know me (and I put my hands up) I simply am very lazy, incompetent and indecisive about skin care and my hair.  I do not do facial masks on a regular basis (yes I am that lazy) and the idea of going to the spa for regular facial treatments kind of give me goose bumps due to the usual immediate pressure to buy package deals.  (I understand that in the long run they might end up cheaper but call me a commitment-phobe with beauty and hair routines!)

Imagine my surprise when I came across a long established hair and skincare company called Paul Gerrard.  Situated right on Pottinger’s Street, in the middle of Soho, it fits with low key cool.  The main building is where the hair cutting and skin treatments are done but hold your horses guys…there is a barber’s (with an awesome retro look) right next door.  What made me relax was that it actually was a family business, Paul cuts hair, his mum has a jewelry store above the barber’s store (more later in another post) and the therapists and stylists have worked for years with him.  The tea lady is an institution and makes the meanest and tastiest coffee…

Ok back to facing my fears….I met a therapist called Gladys who was very welcoming.  I loved the simplicity of the spa…it felt cozy even though it was white.  I guess because most clients were long term clients and so the vibe was almost of friends.  Gladys led me to the treatment room  which is simple and strangely relaxing in its simplicity…no lots of pictures with price lists everywhere (eek a nightmare of mine).

Processed with VSCOcam

BEFORE: The Lighting was flattering…but my face was red and itchy and dirty…you could not see the blackheads…  :(

After double cleansing my face with Dermalogica products, the scary white light was switched on and she examined my face.  Gladys explained that the red patches I had been experiencing is probably due to my insufficient skincare routine (i.e my laziness) and a need to improve on my cleaning (double clean ideally) and to use the right face exfoliant.  The reason my skin was feeling red and irritated was because the dead skin was not been exfoliated away so the serums etc was not sinking into the skin where it needed the most.  Also my blackheads were pretty “established” (I cringed) due to my ad hoc cleaning routines.  She gave me a skin peel which came from a more for mature skin range for Dermalogica but she reassured me that everything else I can pretty much use the normal skin care.  After all the skin peels and extractions (removing blackheads), the mask was put on and I was given a lovely little facial massage as well as a tiny neck and shoulders one.

The end results…gone are the annoying dry irritating bits and a smoother skin with a gentle glow.  I am beginning to understand the need for proper skincare… FINALLY.

Processed with VSCOcam

Excuse the Spa Hair…But my skin felt soft, clean and blackhead free!!  I actually felt good within my skin.

To be honest, I felt great and now I understand the need to keep my skin clean (sounds like I was really grimy but I tended to take short cuts).  Also as I get older, I need to take care of my skin so just simply knowing I need to use the right products for the right uses is valid.  Gladys was great in answering any questions about products.  Also to get my used to cleaning and exfoliating, Gladys gave me samples of the two key products to try and to get into a mini routine.

Two things that excited me about the range of products that Paul Gerrard offers:

1)  The real St Tropez Fake Tan Range…

2) Black Chicken Organic Skincare

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 8.18.03 PM

Thank you Gladys for being gentle with me…I am trying and am becoming a convert to getting facials done at establishments.  If they are as relaxing and cozy as Paul Gerrard,  I am a fan.

P.S.  You know it is a good facial when deep down dirt in my skin is coming through as spots…the treatment was that good!!

Here are the details:

1st and 2nd floor
Wah Hing House
35 Pottinger Street
Central Hong Kong

+852 2869 4408
+852 3759 5698

Reception hours are from:

9.30am – 7pm Monday, Tuesday
9am – 9pm Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
9am – 7pm Saturday


I have no shame…I need help with my hair!!

Do not laugh but with the HK weather and my incompetence…I need a HAIR SOS…



OUTFIT POST: Floral Clash…

First of all, a big thank you to Jack Wills HK and Plug PR for arranging the borrowing for clothes and who knew but my mum took the pictures – so thank you MUM!

Until British designer Richard Nicoll took ever the helm for Jack Wills, I had to admit that I totally thought of them as a British version of A&F – just not in my age range.  I admit continuously now that I was in the wrong.  Now I see suits, dresses, separates which I want.  And with a good print…you had me at brocade or “liberty print”.

The first of the outfit posts in collaboration with Jack Wills HK is called “Floral Clash”.  I saw this peach brocade suit and fell in love.  Unfortunately, it would be too hot for HK weather!  Definitely more suitable for the western suit.

brocade8Edowan was not impressed with my outfit…

brocade7Embracing the Clash of Patterns…

The suit in itself is such a bright statement that I pushed it further with a floral vintage blouse with a ruffled collar.  More romantic than the suit but in a cooler blue colour palette to help ground the vividness of the suit. Added metallic grey vintage YSL heels to give it a ladylike look and a thrifted grey suede bag with a fringe (so Summer 2015 trend!).

Focus should go on the amazing accessories that I have on.  The necklace is from a London brand called Moxham which is stocked in The Refinery at PMQ.  The necklace give modernity and a bit of edge to the romantic nature of the suit and shirt.   I am also wearing my faithful watch from locally based brand VOID.  All accessories including the bag and shoes are in silver/dark grey metallics to help balance the colour class of the clothes.

Brocade 2

The Moxam Necklace adds edge to the look but is not too “in your face”.

brocade 5

In fact the Moxham necklace comes with a bracelet that detaches from the necklace


Simple watch and grey metallic heels finish the outfit…


I used the MAC is Beauty range with the pastels range of eyeshadow and lipstick.  Once again highlighting the focus on the clothing…


BEAUTY: The Dog and I Share Our Common Beauty Treat…(Yes I Do Mean My 8 Year Old Male Chihuahua)

I had heard of coconut water and coconut oil being the go to products for the gorgeous models that grace our Instagram feeds and our glossy magazines.  Adriana Lima (one of the Victoria Secret’s “ArchAngels”) swears by a life time of drinking coconut water and Miranda Kerr (another one of those sickly gorgeous models) swears by a spoonful of coconut oil with every meal.  Now I love coconut water so that seemed easy (though a bit of a burden on the old wallet as in HK, we cannot literally pick coconuts from trees and machete them open) but the coconut oil posed a problem for me.  I bought some (ok it was the cheapest one so I guess I asked for it) but it quickly solidified into a white “cream”…actually it was thicker and harder than cream, I simply do not know what to call it.  Yes I am wordless for once.

So when I was given some Jax CoCo Extra Virgin Centrifuged Coconut Oil as well as some of the yummy flavoured coconut water, I have to admit I was a bit sceptical.  Bo, one of the lovely ladies from Plug PR who is a dog lover told me how good the stuff was for my grumpy old man chihuahua.  He has had a bit of a tough time and has sore pores and had been living a bit rough for a few months before I fostered then adopted him.


Sad Edowan at Adoption Day




Visiting the ladies at Plug PR

Bo advised that the coconut oil would be fantastic for Edowan’s sore paws (which he had from a serious infection he had when I first fostered him).  Not only would it be good topically for the dog but also topically for me.  I am a bit of a clumsy person and so I do get lots of cuts, bruises and unfortunately some bites from the little one.  I also tend to get dry itchy skin during seasonal changes.  Bo also advised that taking it would make Edowan’s general condition better.


Edowan looking perkier…

The sample size was a small pot so I used it sparingly.  However, the major point I was immediately impressed with was the fact that it did not congeal into some horrid sickly gloop.  Sorry I still cannot think of the appropriate word.  Also the taste was natural tasting and not that strong upon tasting.  After a few days of putting it on my little cuts and also Edowan’s paws (I used it sparingly as the sample was small), I noticed a significant improvement.  Also Edowan loved the taste of it (it was more of a treat for him).  May be I was imagining it but his general condition did look perkier.  I also would consider adding it into my daily diet (especially if it helped me lose weight and gave me glossier hair!)


The New Face of Jax Coco?


The Miracle Product that the dog and I both shared…


Please Jax Coco can I have a regular donation of Coconut Oil and Water?

On a side note, the flavoured coconut water (I tried banana and chocolate) was surprisingly yummy.  I was a little bit scared to try flavoured coconut water as I like it as it is.

For more information about the Jax Coco range and stockists, check the website (  FYI they deliver!



Sorry Coldplay, had to quote from your classic song.

So I totally fell in love with these Dagmar culottes (yes am currently obsessed with culottes -who would have believed it?)  I loved the stormy mountain scene painted on it and knew that this was going to be a focal point for the outfit.  (Yes, there is a danger having attention on my thighs and crotch area but the print was so PRETTY!)  I was gutted that the matching shirt was unavailable in my size but looking back in hindsight, I think for my personal style, it may have been a bit too much.  (Too much print for moi you say?)

354A6633These Dagmar Culottes are AMAZING…

For the top.  I took a complete departure from my usual comfort zone.  I would generally pair these culottes with a simple black T or a black silk tank/shirt.  Vein kindly lent me some pieces which really encapsulate the sports luxe trend as they are made from stretchy jersey.  The jacket is also in a bright yellow which I was nervous about it as it was quite fitted especially around the arms but in fact I am happy Vein pushed me.  The jacket is also from Dagmar.  The big push for me was to wear the black singlet from BACK by Anna Sofie Back.  I have seen her brand on many of the big blogger including such people like Susie Bubble.  However, firstly, I am wary of something with a big strip of branding but also something that is super fitted.  In fact, it really is too much of the “street” style that I can never seem to get the hang of.

354A6609Pushing Myself Out of My Usual Comfort Zone was GOOD



354A6663Keep Accessories Simple

So what accessories?  I kept it all simple with my VOID watch, Filippa K black flats and bag by Baum und Pferdgarten.  The trousers and the colour palate of yellow is so much that I wanted some simple accessories to ground the outfit otherwise it could have been a hot Scandi mess!

354A6592Warning: Hot Scandi Mess Approaching!

All clothing and props apart from the lipstick (Thanks to MAC for my Heroine lipstick) and watch (VOID come from Vein in St Francis Yard.

Vein (address: Shop 301-302, Lee Gardens One, 33 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong telephone:2528-4988)

Vein on the Yard (address: 2 St Francis Yard, Wan Chai, Hong Kong telephone 2804-1038)


Photos once again by Bryant Lee (