Fencing Linda

After checking out a fellow blogger Arden (http://topcoatfashionblog.blogspot.hk/), and getting into the Olympics fever by watching the Chinese win the gold in Men’s Foil, I wanted to mention again how unstylish real fencing gear really is.  For practical reasons, you have to wear protective gear (either cups/a moulded plastic chest plate for a girl or a cup for boys) under your fencing jacket.  Fashion editorials, such as last year’s W Magazine spread with Michael Fassbender which I have already talked about, make it look so much better!!  I guess that is what fashion editorials are about…to inspire, to make people use their imagination.  It is a little bit of fantasy and which is why I love to look at couture and how stylists and photographers use couture to create a fantasy.  Here is a picture from Arden’s blog with the lovely Linda Evangelista by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia February 2003.

Photo courtesy of Arden at http://topcoatfashionblog.blogspot.hk/


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