Pick Up a P.P.P.P…PEPLUM…

Ok, first of all I apologise for the extremely cheesy title.  I don’t know what has gotten into me?  I am already sniggering to myself and thinking I am so witty….NOT!! Secondly, I admit it, I am behind with the fashion times and am not that fashion adventurous.   Thirdly, I admit to being a wee bit wary of the peplum trend.  I know that it is supposed to help give you a waist but still I am a little bit scared of adding extra material in the hip/waist area.  I am already tubby enough….do I need anything extra?  Hmm…

Zara has introduced the peplum belt which would be an easy and versatile way of incorporating the trend however, I am such a lazy person that unless I need to, I don’t really like belts.  I could wax lyrical about how I like to remain minimalist in my style bla bla bla…but unfortunately for my fashionista credibility, it really is just a case of sheer sloth-like laziness.

A lot of the high street have peplum skirts, tops and dresses.  Marco Visconti designer Andrea Chan wore a great little peplum suit which was very flattering.  Gok Wan’s newest range for Sainsbury is full of dresses with peplums.  It really is a case of what was hot on the runway being filtered down to the high street.  You know it is a trend when high street stores such as Marks and Spencer is full of peplum sporting clothes.  I was actually quite shocked by the variety on offer…

So here are my top M&S choices…

Love the green brocade fabric and looks great with thick black tights.  I would wear this with a nice cozy black cardigan.  Another possibility would be to wear a skinny black turtleneck underneath the dress.

This feels more summery to me but I love the pale colour of this dress and the cute polka dot print.  Definitely an option for spring wedding outfits.  I also would like to try it with black tights for the winter to give it a retro vibe.

Gorgeous rich purple colour which would be great for the Winter months.   I like the fitted pencil skirt style of this dress.  Nothing too outrageous and a nice “safe” alternative to the LBD.

The colour does scream “Look at ME!”  but it is a cute little dress.

Nice little tweed skirt, very reminiscent of Burberry’s Winter collection.

Separates give you some variety, you could pair this top with a pencil skirt or like this pic, with a leather skirt (great for Winter!) or even some skinny trousers.  Am a little bit wary of buying this top online as the proportions look a little bit funny.  I would definitely want to try this on before buying…

So after all this talk about being cautious of the peplum, this is the one dress I own which has a peplum…

Gorgeous colourful print which is a tribute to DVF.  It is a vintage dress I bought from Etsy…surprisingly quite easy to wear.  However, when I first tried it on, I was a bit self-conscious and thought I was rocking the 80s tribute a bit too much!  I called it my Dynasty dress (thank goodness I removed the shoulder pads!)

Me trying on said dress and having my “Dynasty” moment…

*belt from Polkadot Boutique, shoes from 5bee

**all M&S dresses are currently available on www.marksandspencer.com.  All pictures are from the M&S website.  The picture of my dress is courtesy of an Etsy seller…


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