Gucci Art Deco Dress…the M&S version…

So the festive season is coming and all the shops are decking out with Christmas decorations and clothes to celebrate in.  This is the time to get some great party dresses.  Since seeing it in magazines, I have been loving Gucci’s Art Deco style flapper dress.  With predicted mega-hit The Great Gatsby coming out soon, the roaring 20s is definitely a period to hit.  The Gucci dress is amazing with the gold threading highlighting the panels in the dress and the dramatic fringe is to die for.  Unfortunately a) I don’t have the budget to buy said dress and b) that dress requires a flat chest and supermodel proportions to carry off the fringing.

Gucci 2012 Spring Art Deco Dress

If you are looking for a purse friendly alternative to the Gucci dress, why not look to Marks and Spencer?  Less expensive than brands such as Anthropologie and also with a more generous cut for us curvy ladies.  I like that it is not too heavily embroidered and covers all the necessary parts of the body that need to be covered.  Also there is no fringing!  A good thing for ladies who need to get a lot of wear out of the dress.  The M&S version gives you the option of wearing it to work under a jacket or cardigan and then smartening up with some gorgeous heels.  The shading effect on the dress gives the Art Deco paneling feel without being too excessive.  I really like this dress.  Unfortunately, now only available online in a UK size 10…

M&S Version

*Dress is available online at


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