The End of the World and a Little Girl Blue

So today was supposed to be the end of the world and who else would I like to spend my supposed last day on earth with?  My family were busy and the boy is stuck in the french countryside.  I am extremely fortunate to have an amazing friend called Marian…an amazing artist and person.  So after pad thai (which I scoffed down), I plucked up the courage to ask her to take some pictures of me.  She kindly agreed so this post will be my first outfit post!  I am not a picture taker and I always look horrid in pictures so have avoided the outfit post phenom.

Anyway, if it was going to be the end of the world, I wanted to wear some of my favourite pieces of clothing as well as things which I have not actually had a chance to wear yet.  The light blue tweed coat is a vintage Weekend by Max Mara coat which I have been aching to wear since I bought it online.  I love the colour however in HK, the weather is rarely cool enough to wear.  Today, I could just about manage to wear it by keeping it on my shoulders (I did feel like a superhero wearing a cape though!)  To keep things light, I wore a chiffon vintage blouse with voluminous sleeves in a cream colour.  I also tried on a pair of trousers from local designer Aalis.  Am a little bit unsure about these trousers as I don’t usually fit HK clothing very well.  I think my body shape is more Western-centric.  So apologies for the puffy waistline/crotch.  However, I love the colour and also the fact that the pockets are lined in a gorgeous print.  I think I might give these trousers another shot, they are too pretty and may be it is just a style that I need to get used to.

So what about the accessories, I am currently constantly wearing my Bejewelled Bespoke rings (from Polkadot Boutique)  and bracelet with my gold Michael Kors watch.  I never used to be a gold person but these pieces have convinced me to go gold!  Also, I would not be me if there was not one piece of Marks & Spencer clothing/shoes.  I am wearing in these pictures one of my favourite pairs of shoes.  They are navy, snake skin print and a decent heel.  I also like the insolia addition to the shoes which means there is a clever patented device in the shoe to give my arches the support they need.  To keep all my essentials (purse, octopus card, keys, lip gloss and phone), I was using the Oops black tweed with gold paint clutch by GLUSH.  I am currently loving the trend of large clutches as it means I can still use a clutch without losing the space I need for my junk.  The tweed material of this bag is quite soft and comforting against the skin of my arm.

So anyway, here are the pics…please forgive that these are my first pictures for an outfit post!!  This is definitely an area I need to work on!

At the beginning of the evening...The start of the evening…

Yes…my new career aim is to be a hand model or to model in a cheesy office advertisement…

Brrr…it is cold in here…actually no, it is just fake snow in IFC
(I particularly like this blue lighting with all the blue I am wearing…)

Hmm…just “casually” hanging around…

Oh no, wait a minute…is that a meteor coming towards me?

Nope, it is just an oncoming train…

Oncoming train is getting closer…you can see the headlights…


Phew, crisis over…

My cheesy “looking towards the future” picture…

I apologise for the seemingly flippant remarks but I get extremely nervous about the idea of posting these pictures.  As you can see I am no model and I really do not know how to do outfit posts.  However, one of the reasons for my starting a blog was to learn about new things and to have new experiences so this will be something I will work on improving.  (New Year’s Resolution?)  So anyway, bear with me please.  However lessons I have learnt so far regarding outfit posts:

  1. I need a proper camera
  2. I should not pose a la Angelina Jolie and stick my leg out which I apparently have a tendency towards
  3. I need to learn to smile more naturally, I always either look grumpy or have a cheesy smile plastered on my face
  4. I tend to do the shifty eye expression which really does not up my fashion cred
  5. I really need some guidance and advice
  6. Photoshop will be my friend

Anyway, am so glad that we all survived the end of days….

P.S. Also a special mention goes to my friend Marian for taking the pictures and having the patience of an angel for helping me.  I love you loads Marian…


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