Who wore it better? The Floral Christian Dior Dress

Magazine editors and their teams spend months preparing for each issue, especially their front cover.  They ponder and discuss over who should grace the cover, what the outfit should be, what titles should be on the front.  The fashion team talk to the designer PRs to pull the appropriate outfits.  Finally after all that hard work, a glossy and beautiful cover is published.  Imagine the sick feeling in the stomach when they realise that the dress has been done before.  The garment in question in this instance is the floral Christian Dior dress worn by Olivia Palermo in the October 2012 issue of Instyle and subsequently worn by Rita Ora in Glamour’s January 2013 issue.  I know that each season there are certain “IT” dresses which grace magazines and are worn by celebrities for the red carpet. however, I don’t know why but for a cover, I feel that there should always be variation.  A cover should be different, fresh, special…remarkable.  Don’t get me wrong, I love both covers as both stars look soft, feminine and modern.  Personally, if you asked me to choose, I would pick Rita’s cover as the look diverges drastically from her usual red lips and urban look.  Olivia Palermo looks flawless as usual but I have come to expect such a polished and feminine look from her.

So the question is who wore it better?  You decide…

In the Red Corner:  Olivia Palermo for Instyle

In the Blue Corner: Rita Ora for Glamour

I don’t know why but in this case, a quote which is attributed to William Shakespeare comes to mind:

“Nothing is so common as the wish to be remarkable.”


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