“Hi I am a shopaholic!” – Vintage Nicole Miller

So am waiting for a long overdue catch up with a friend who is running late so decided to fool around and take some pictures on the phone.  Please excuse the looking like a fool poses but just trying to have a bit of fun.

So this post is going to be devoted to my vintage pieces of Nicole Miller.  I only recently discovered Nicole Miller and I wish I had sooner.  An American designer with a great eye for pattern and colour.  I am loving (and drooling over) her current Autumn collection entitled “Wanderlust“.  I love the colours and prints obviously and loving how it is styled with these great floppy hats which definitely hits the retro hippy notes of this season.  To find out more about Nicole, check out her website.

So what am I wearing to meet my friend?  Is it really bad that my first choice was what bag I was going to use?  As it is a casual meeting up with friends, I don’t need to carry that much so could risk taking a small bag (I usually tend towards carrying everything but the kitchen sink).  I therefore grabbed at the chance to use my vintage Nicole Miller bag.  It is a little box-shaped shoulder bag with a gold chain.  The reason why I love this bag is the quilted amazing print.  As I previously stated, Nicole Miller is famous for her amazing prints and this print is very much a pop art/comic print.  The bag was produced in 1991 and the print is definitely a shopaholic’s dream.  It depicts everything that is shopping related from price tags to the American Express card!  Yes, I am a shopaholic.

I wanna go shopping!  My vintage Nicole Miller bag

Close-up of my lovely Nicole Miller bag

Due to the bag being so colourful and “busy”, I decided to go with something simple and of one colour to act as a backdrop to the bag.  Actually, it is one of my current favourite go to pieces for the office.  It is a faux jacket plus romper.  I don’t really know how else to describe it.  Unlike other pieces of Nicole Miller’s work, there is no print and it is in black.  I love the fact that it gives you the smartness of a jacket without losing out on the comfort and relaxed feel of a romper.  I bought it from Etsy.  It is a little bit big on me so to add definition to my waist, I have added a big black belt from M&S.

Yep, posing like a fool but I love my Nicole Miller romper with M&S belt

Close-up of the Nicole Miller romper sans belt

I added a little hint of colour with some M&S purple lace tights and also threw on my new charity shop purchase of a purple hat.  I found this hat recently in a Salvation Army store in Wan Chai and it was a bargain at 55HKD (just over 7USD) which in HK is a bargain.  I love buying charity shop purchases and am totally not bothered by buying second-hand.  That is probably why I was so eager to take part in the “12 days of Christmas” campaign with #HKFashionBloggers/Redress/Friends of the Earth HK.  I don’t usually wear purple so being able to buy something so affordable means that I can experiment and have a little bit of fun without feeling too guilty.

My charity shop purchase: the purple hat

I love my vintage!

If you have not discovered Nicole Miller yet and love colour and prints, discover her now!!  There are some great vintage pieces online which are super affordable.  Her prints definitely bring a smile to my face and I am on the constant look out for more of her pieces.

Nicole Miller…I love you!!

I am going to end with another quote which kind of reflects what I feel when I look at other posts and other people’s amazing style.  I really need to learn to own my style and my body shape and not compare myself to others. Trying to imitate others might be considered to be a form of flattery for that person you try to imitate but I think it is also important to be yourself.   I am learning that in blogging, everyone has their own voice!  Ok, I will get off my soapbox and hurry to meet my friend who is now waiting for me!!

“Almost all absurdity of conduct arises from the imitation of those whom we cannot resemble.”
(Samuel Johnson)



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