It wasn’t the End of the World BUT the End of Gossip Girl…

So Gossip Girl has ended, all the starstruck lovers managed to overcome the obstacles and live happily ever after together.  The big reveal was supposed to be the revelation that Dan was Gossip Girl.  However, for me, the big draw of Gossip Girl was always what the characters were wearing.  Gossip Girl was a gluttony of fashion and designer garments.  So for me, the final episode really was a question of two brides, the two friends/enemies/friends again Selena and Blair “competed” for one final time with their bridal wear…so who won the war?

In the Blue Corner: Blair

So as a second time bride, Blair chose a pale blue, extremely fitted dress by Elie Saab.  With delicate beaded embellishments, she gently glittered and no Blair outfit would be finished off without a headband, however this one is a jewel encrusted one.  It was beautiful, romantic and yet incredibly sexy – the perfect modern bride.  She was the epitome of the stylish, princess of Manhattan look.  Also it was in stark contrast to the princess bride Vera Wang dress she wore for her “royal wedding”.  Also choosing a pale coloured bridal dress, she was definitely following the recent trend of modern brides not choosing white for their gowns (look at Anne Hathaway as a recent example).  Also as Blair’s character was originally always about etiquette and what was the social norm, it was appropriate that her second wedding dress was not virginal white.   I love the fact that this wedding was not a carefully planned and staged event but was rather a rushed marriage to save Chuck from prison.  Who else but Blair, in the fantasy world of Gossip Girl, could be able to pull out at such short notice an Elie Saab gown.  (On a side note, I am not sure if Chuck’s outfit was as successful, though he complimented his bride with the ice blue tones on his lapel; the colour combination and the fact it was a tux was reminiscent of a prom suit.  Albeit it was probably an expensive one.)


The Happy Couple (Chuck, I am sorry but you still look like a prom date!)

Blair wearing Elie Saab for her wedding


Serena was always more of the “golden girl” of the Gossip Girl crew and definitely was considered more of the glamourous “party girl”.  In reflection of this aspect of her character, Serena wore a Georges Chakra gold and white wedding gown.  Her character has previously worn a Georges Chakra (2010 I believe) “cage” dress and now finishes off the series in a dramatic fashion.  Molten gold like bodice which  flowed into a dramatic white skirt.  It reminded me of the phrase “gilding the lily”.  I don’t know why but the dress seemed a little bit too flash for a New York socialite wedding and definitely seemed more akin to a Hollywood/LA wedding (read potentially Kardashian).  Don’t get me wrong, I do think it is a beautiful dress but it just seemed a little bit too excessive.  To be honest, I liked the description of Blake Lively’s (the actress who played Serena) real wedding dress when she married Ryan Reynolds.  Though no official pictures have been published of Blake wearing the dress, I can just imagine that it would have been very romantic.


Serena and Dan on their wedding day

Serena’s Georges Chakra Wedding Gown on the Runway

In my opinion, Blair wins hands down as it was such a romantic dress and fitted her beautifully.  May be it is a personal bias but I don’t usually like very “flared” dresses.  As a curvy rather short girl, I would look like a big fat meringue hence I was probably prejudiced against Serena’s dress from the start.

So yes bye-bye Gossip Girl and yes shock horror, Dan was Gossip Girl.  However, I feel more sad about the fact that I need to say good-bye to all the outfits.  Like Sex and the City, the wardrobes of the characters were always part of my wish list.  I am glad that like Sex and the City, Gossip Girl has ended on a somewhat high.  I hope though that unlike Sex and the City, they don’t make a film

One final thought though before I say good-bye to Gossip Girl.  Considering it was based on a series of young adult books and that it is a drama, the characters actually seem more real and more natural and even more sympathetic than the characters of the “scripted reality” tv series Made In Chelsea.  For those who do not know what Made In Chelsea is, first of all, you are blessed and second, it is like car-crash television – you know you should not watch yet it draws you in.  Made In Chelsea is a tv series about the over privileged young people who live in the super expensive Chelsea area in London.  None of the characters act natural, they are REALLY bad actors anyway and do not evoke any warm and fuzzy feelings from the audience.  Gosh, I think I am jealous as it would be nice to be able to pop into Joseph or Chanel and just shop.


Anyway, in celebration of the revealing of the identity of Gossip Girl, I will end with a quote from George Bernard Shaw:

“There are no secrets better kept than the secrets that everybody guesses.”

xoxo (Sorry I could not resist!)


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