Do They Know It’s Christmas? My Outfit Inspiration…

Original Cover for Band Aid

So I have been feeling uninspired about what to wear today of all days!  I don’t really do the festive wear unless I am forced to.  I guess you could call me a Grinch or a Scrooge!  After eating myself silly over food, I have just returned back from some drinks and so was feeling slightly tipsy and wanted to do a brief outfit inspiration post!!

I have been listening (as it is Christmas) to the original version of Band Aid’s “Do They Know it is Christmas?” which is so much better than the latest ones where most of the z-lister pop starlets (mainly from X-Factor, Pop Idol)  took part.  The original had some of the most iconic acts in the business: U2 (Bono), Duran Duran (Simon Le Bon), Spandau Ballet, Genesis, Bananarama, Boy George, Police (Sting) and Wham! (George Michael).  The song although it reminds me of how fortunate I am, does strangely put me into a bit more of a wanting to socialise mood.

So here is what I put together….

Channeling the 80s with a wide shoulder coat

In a festive red , it also reminds me of the uniform of the Household Cavalry!  Hence, the following photos of me posing like a saluting fool!  A double row of brass buttons on the front and a button detail at the back enhance the military look.  All I needed was a bearskin hat!  (The closest I could come up with was a black floral hat I wore for a previous Style Summit but it was RIDICULOUS).

80s I salute you…P.S. Household Cavalry…can I apply for a job?

The brass buttons are super cute and I do love that they are on the back in a little tab which helps to make the overly large jacket fit me better at the waist.  Here are some close-ups of the jacket:

 The shoulders are exaggerated and remind me of the outfits that Duran Duran and Wham! used to wear though I am not sure they ever wore such a bright red.  If you find pictures of them wearing such a colour for their jackets then please do let me know.


The Original Cast for Band Aid

Simon Le Bon…my unlikely inspiration for wearing this jacket

Bono – another unlikely inspiration for my jacket look today



As the jacket was such a statement piece, I kept everything simple with black trousers and top.  As I was having a bad hair day, I scraped my hair back in a bun, something similar to what is called a “Watford Face Lift” as it hopefully pulls back some of my wrinkles!

To go with the Winter and slight Military look I went for, I wore my old M&S lace-up knee-high boots.  These, I have had for years and have lasted many a night out with dancing and drinks spilled over them.  They are super comfy and with the velvet ties, they are quite expandable to fluctuating sizes as well hitting the goth/Victorian trend.


Anyway, nearly the end of Christmas Day, think I am going to put the Band Aid song on again and start horrifying my neighbours by belting out the Bono part at full volume…OUT OF TUNE!!!  Good Night and I hope you all had a great Christmas Day!!

P.S. A big thank you goes out to the lovely M (you know who you are) for showing me an amazing app!  I am obsessed!!  Love you M!!!  You put up with all my faults and still love me….well I hope you do!!


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