I’m Blue Da Ba De Da Ba Di …What I chose to wear today…

Firstly, I must apologise for the shockingly cheesy euro pop song that has become my inspiration for what I wore today.  I woke up this morning and was trying to find something to wear and when I picked the dress, the song “I’m Blue” by Eiffel 65 (thank you google for finding that out for me as all I could think of was the chorus.)  It is one of those annoying songs that has a catchy beat that just gets into your head, like a virus it spreads until your whole mind is full of “I’m Blue Da Ba De Da Ba Di…” on repeat.  With a word of warning about how cheesy and how infectious this song is, please find a link to the video with the lyrics as subtitles.  (You need the subtitles because otherwise it is all  nonsensical)  Watch at your own peril (this song is up there with that frog song and the “Who let the dogs out?” song)


Anyway, as you might have guessed, I was in a blue sort of mood and chose a vintage A-line blue dress,  When I initially bought it, I was a little bit doubtful about my choice due to the material.  A velour type material makes me think of those retro lounge suits.  I feel like I should be in the 70s and have a cocktail in hand with my go-go boots.  However, the vibrant blue colour decided it for me.  I just love this shade of blue.  It is so cheerful and on a cold greyish day, it definitely picked up my mood.  (Irrespective of the irritating song in my head!)  I guess the velour material means that it will be extra comfortable to wear (which it is) and as Joanna Coles, Editor of Marie Claire US says, comfort is not usually a factor in fashion.  Also the A-line cut of the dress is great for me due to my rather chunky hips.  The high neckline is also demure enough ( I have realised that in HK, especially with my family, low necklines are frowned upon.)  Also the high neckline of the dress and the fact that there is no print means that it provides an excellent background for necklaces.  Necklace stacking would be possible or even a great pendant style necklace (I eventually chose my Barnett Voodoo Tassel necklace in gold).

So dress picked, but what to go with it?  I decided that I could risk sweating buckets and unearthed my old Zara leather jacket.  I thought that the dark jacket would give my blue dress a bit more structure and toughen up the fuzzy dress a little.   I also dug out my trusty M&S black knee highs.  I have had these for years and they always remind me either of some Victorian heroine or some highwayman/pirate.  I think it is due to the black velvet ribbon lace-up detail on the front of the boots.  I do love these boots as due to the lace-up part of the boots, there is some give in the boots so even if your calves are a little bit chunky, when you zip them up (yes, you do not have to tie them up like lace-up shoes), they fit incredibly well.  Also though there is a heel, it is not ridiculously high and so they are definitely “made for walking”.  Well shopping anyway, I cannot guarantee that they would be suitable for any hikes.



The velour BLUE dress and my M&S boots

Also to go with the outfit, I chose my MISCHA bag which has been a current favourite of mine.  Surprising really as I don’t really like small bags but my shoulders are loving me for the choice as I cannot carry that much in the bag.


The whole outfit with the MISCHA bag and Zara black leather jacket


I think that my MISCHA bag deserves a close up of its own

Anyway, today’s outfit was primarily for comfort as I had decided to brave the crowds and go to Causeway Bay.  My aim was to go to Marks & Spencer and check out some of the clothes.  I hopefully will be doing a later post where I will try on a couple of pieces and see what they look like on a person who is not a model.  Watch this space for that post.

As it has been my current norm, I am going to end with a quote which I hope will reflect my day and my mood.  This quote really encapsulates my current thoughts about blogging.  This blog, though it is great to have readers or followers is really a blog for myself.  Cyril Connolly was an English writer and intellectual who wrote Enemies of Promise.  He wrote Enemies of Promise as an autobiographical exploration of why he failed to become the successful author of fiction that he had aspired to be in his youth.

“Better to write for yourself and have no public than to write for the public and have no self.”
Cyril Connolly


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