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Yes I am entering a competition to win some money to buy some clothes.  It is past Christmas and I am feeling the pinch so when I saw this competition…I was like…”Hallelujah”!!

Firstly, I had never really heard about Nikki Rich Clothing so it was great to find out about a new brand (well new for me).  Actually, I had heard about the name due to the rock n’ roll heritage of the brand’s creators but I had never really paid attention to the actual clothes.  I guess, I always imagined it to be too rock n’ roll for a wallflower like me!  Anyway, we have been asked to choose a piece of clothing and write a post about it.  I was pleasantly surprised whilst looking through the look book for the Fall 2012 collection.

So what did I choose?  I chose “Love Dream”, a gorgeous quilted leather jacket.  First of all, I loved the name of the garment, secondly, I love a good leather jacket.  The quilted details gives it a luxe feel and the swoop front adds a little bit of romance to such a tough look.  I love the styling in the picture with skinny jeans to keep it edgy but the jacket is versatile enough to be styled with a pencil skirt or a great sleek dress to make it work appropriate.   This makes it even more appealing in my eyes.  Also the versatility of the jacket gives it a timeless quality which for me means that you get a lot more wear out of the jacket, it does not need to be one season only.  I pretty much would wear it anywhere and everywhere (excuse the pun, you will see why later…)  As I said, it is appropriate for going to work but also can be dressed down with great skinny jeans for the weekend or for a night out (though I would not want a “Lohan” situation where someone picks up my jacket and leaves with it!).  I love the trend of the statement jacket due to the versatility and the breadth of the trend.  The statement jacket trend encompasses embellished, tweed – a whole plethora of ideas which means that it is a great trend to incorporate into any woman’s wardrobe.

Love Dream

“Love Dream” from NikkiRichClothing.com

When I look at a garment, especially online, I tend to think about what it makes me think of.  As part of the competition, we are supposed to do an original post about our pick.  I am not sure why but the Fleetwood Mac song Everywhere came to mind.  For those who do not know it, it is a song about love and is quite a sad song in reality.  Paired with the video, it is a tragic love.  The video, I admit is a bit cheesy for modern times but I do love the whole highway man and doomed yet faithful love theme.  To get a better idea, please check out the video on You Tube, I will add the link below:


However, for this garment, I did think of a twist…this jacket should be worn by a modern-day highway woman.  Someone who is mysterious, strong, dangerous, beautiful, sexy and oh so little bit wicked. With this theme in mind I did some research and found the original “Wicked Lady”  was supposed to be a Lady Katherine Ferrers who in 17th Century died in a real “blaze of glory” by bleeding to death after suffering multiple gunshot wounds. (Whilst committing a robbery, I hasten to add!)  The imagery of such a “Wicked Lady” is enhanced with the 1945 film The Wicked Lady starring Margaret Lockwood.


The Wicked Lady Film Poster

My more current muse would be the sensuous Monica Bellucci in the film Brotherhood of the Wolves.  Her character in the film is sensuous, initially a courtesan but actually a deadly agent for the church.  I could see both the real Monica and the character she plays in the film wearing this jacket in modern times.  The leather keeps her edgy and tough yet the cutting of the jacket would keep her stylish.  Sexy, stylish but with an edge…

So, with this imagery in mind, I chose as my verb for my post title to be “COVET”…not only does it imply a want for something but there is something decadent and wicked about the word…in keeping with “The Wicked Lady”.  I have done a collage of several pictures which tie in all the ideas that come to mind with regards to writing a post about the “Love Dream” jacket.


Ideas Collage…

For more information about the competition that this blog post is based on then please click here.  Also for the full collection of Nikki Rich Clothing, please check their website.


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