NEXT used to be one of my go to stores in the UK for affordable yet stylish work wear.  Unfortunately, for me, they do not have stores in HK yet!  Whenever, I return back to the UK, I do visit at least one Next store (usually in Oxford Circus, London).   Imagine my delight to realise that they ship to HK!!!  YAY!!  The only problem would be how to return if it does not fit me?  Hmm…
Along with M&S, Next’s cutting on clothes seem to fit my figure quite well.  I think they do cater for “real” women and therefore it is not all long skinny lengths for trousers or materials that do not flatter areas that a woman might be self-conscious about!  Anyway, with the festive season being over and I am feeling a bit of the festive blues, I decided to do a Polyvore collage specifically of an ideal outfit for going out that I would choose from the Next website.
I fell in love with the sleek black jumpsuit which provided the basis of outfit.  I love a good jumpsuit as they are such a great alternative to the LBD.  Also it hits the retro vibe that I love.  In case I get cold (HK does get cold), I would choose the PU leather jacket to add a bit of edge to the look and finish with some black platforms.  Platforms give you the height but with more comfort (very important on a night out!)
Accessories – hmmm…I used to be a bit of a less is more girl and stuck to very minimalist pieces in either cold or silver.  However, some of my fellow bloggers in HK are encouraging me to do some “stacking” and to inject some colour into my accessories.  So, I took the plunge and chose the amazing cuff and stacking bracelets with the yellow and aqua coloured stones.  The dramatic necklace complements this colour scheme.  With such dramatic pieces, I decided to go ring-less and earring-less to highlight the amazing pieces I selected already.  Finally, I am totally in love with the laser cut Ipad holder which I would use as a large clutch.  Large clutches are completely on trend and the laser cut effect has been seen on various pieces of true fashionistas’ wardrobe.  (Check out Christopher Kane for a great designer example!)  So there you go, my NEXT picks for a sophisticated yet trendy going out outfit.  Now, I need an opportunity to wear it!
Here is the list of clothing featured in the collage:

$89 – next.co.uk

$42 – next.co.uk

$32 – next.co.uk

$32 – next.co.uk

Tech accessory
$36 – next.co.uk

Buy PU Biker Jacket
$105 – next.co.uk

Buy Platform Court Shoes
$49 – next.co.uk

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