A Day Out? Choose a Statement Coat…

A Day Out? Choose a Statement Coat...
This season, it has always been about the “statement jacket” but on cold days out, why not choose a “statement coat”?  Ticking the tweed trend, the slight cocoon shape trend and the zipper details toughen up the coat too.  This is a coat which will keep you warm and stylish without making you look like the Michelin Man!  Keep your inner garments simple and sleek with black basics such as slim fitting black trousers or toughen up with some great leather leggings.  Depending on how cold it will be, choose a cool black shirt or a cozy yet sleek black turtle neck.  Keep your footwear edgy yet  fitted with some fitted booties either with a chunky heel or a slimmer heel.  ADD the pop of colour with raspberry pink accessories such as a snood or a knitted hat.  Follow the fashionistas at all the fashion weeks by choosing a coloured clutch like the Valentino clutch with a side handle to slip your hand through.  To do this make sure your hands are covered in sleek wool or go over the top and rock it out with leather and studded gloves!  Follow Kate Middleton’s wardrobe tip and use a statement coat to be the focal point of the outfit.  Keep warm but keep stylish!
Here is what I picked via POLYVORE:

Ted Baker stretch pants

Prada high heels
$770 – flannelsfashion.com

Valentino handbag



Jigsaw glove
$63 – jigsaw-online.com

Steve madden

Helly hansen
$19 – johnlewis.com

J by Jasper Conran knit hat
$8.08 – debenhams.com

Buy Textured Zip Coat 
$120 – next.co.uk

4 thoughts on “A Day Out? Choose a Statement Coat…

  1. Charlotte says:

    Hey, I am loving this picture very much, not to mention the products. I just want to know how you make a picture like this, what programme do you use. Please Please Please tell me. xxxx

    • jackalinetang says:

      Hi there Charlotte! I am a complete newbie blogger and technophope so when I found the awesome programme POLYVORE online it was heaven sent! Go to the Polyvore site and create an account (it is free) and start creating. You can use the items that are already in the library but also you can add the “click to Polyvore” button onto your internet function bar (at the top) which means you can collect your own items to use. I love it. Hope I have made sense. Thanks for reading my blog and hopefully will have your continued support. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with! Good luck! (p.s. you can check the work of other users too and like them…look up my account if you have the time! :P)

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