Spring Trend 2013: Monochrome in Colour

Spring Trend 2013: Monochrome in Colour
As trend setter and HK fashion expert Jasmine Webster has predicted monochrome is a big thing for Spring 2013.   This does not need to mean black or white but it can be any colour with any tone.    Louis Vuitton and Gucci went for head to toe rainbow brights for their runway presentations.  If you are wary of this bold look (as I am), look to Mulberry for the pastel interpretation.  Pastels are generally easy to incorporate into your wardrobe and add some pattern to the look makes it even easier to wear this trend.  You won’t feel like you are a painted wall wearing just the one colour if you have patterns to break it up a bit!  M&S on the high street have a great interpretation of the trend in their Spring 2013 preview.  Select one colour and use various tones of that colour to add definition to the outfit.  Once again, patterns are key too.  Look to using darker tones of your chosen colour for your accessories like your shoes or belt to break up the blocks of colour and make it an incredibly easy trend to wear!  Remember Monochrome does not necessarily mean black or white.  Choose your colour and run with it.  You have a whole colour wheel to choose from!!

2 thoughts on “Spring Trend 2013: Monochrome in Colour

  1. Agi says:

    I definitely like the Mulberry pastel variations more. I hope they will make some pieces like these available in fast fashion stores, too 🙂

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