GIG: What I Want In My Bag for Beauty 2013

GIG: What I Want In My Bag for Beauty 2013
So I have recently joined another blogger support group called GIG (Girls Inspired Group) which has been a super fantastic supportive network.  It is a group of international bloggers who blog about a variety of topics which definitely has broadened my blog reading horizons!  Anyway, the founders of GIG have come up with a fantastic way of spotlighting bloggers as well as sparking blogging intercourse (that sounds dodgy…sorry!) and so this time the topic is “What I want in my Bag for Beauty 2013 – 5 products”.  So here is my wee Polyvore collage….
I first of all chose as my “dream bag” a super colourful bag called “Saucy Pan”.  It sounds so cheeky right?  I love the word “Saucy”…sounds so naughty and of course I love the bold colours.  It definitely brightened up this girl’s cold Winter’s day!  Being a wannabe rebel, I also picked a wallet (yes not a beauty product but I could not resist!).  I admit it, I am a shopaholic and I am under the misguided belief that this uber cute Batman wallet will “guard” my money and therefore stop me from spending???  (Yes, very deluded but it IS a Batman wallet!)
For the beauty products, I have chosen two products that I already use.  I love Guerlain lip colours, though they are pricey, for a good red lip colour, I am willing to spend more.  It really is a good investment if you are a beauty novice like me.  The pigment is strong, easy to apply and the quality is fantastic which means you don’t really need to touch up.  For such classic looks as the red lip, I definitely am willing to invest!  Also the mirror on the lip colour means that if you are carrying a clutch on a night out, you have a mirror on your lipstick and can always check if you have lipstick on my teeth (I hate it when I see photos of me smiling and I have red lipstick on my teeth…Oh Facebook…how I hate you at times!)  The second product is Bare Mineral’s Mineral Veil compact.  It is great for the finishing touch over your foundation as a setting powder but also to keep in your bag during the day to freshen up.  Easy to use and the natural ingredients means that your skin does not feel irritated.
The other products in my 5 product wishlist are:
  1. Owl hand cream – I just cannot resist the super cute packaging.  Imagine whipping this out in the office and getting looks of envy with this cutie!!  I am not sure of the quality of the hand cream ( I love L’Occitaine Shea Butter usually) but the packaging has totally won me over!
  2. Nars Cheek & Eye Palette – A great little all in one set with super easy to use colours.  The colours are great for a day look and can be intensified for a night time look so it is a great addition to any girl’s bag especially going from office to an evening out!
  3. Guerlain’s Little Robe Noire – The new perfume from Guerlain.  It is a lot lighter than other more traditional Guerlain perfumes such as Samsara and Shalimar (which I love using) and would be great for wearing during the day.  I love carrying perfume to freshen up!

Meredith wendell

Hinge wallet

Nars cosmetic

Guerlain lip makeup

Bare escentual
$35 –

Guerlain perfume
$67 –

Body moisturizer

Squirrell Splash

5 thoughts on “GIG: What I Want In My Bag for Beauty 2013

  1. JessicaEMGibbs says:

    That owl hand cream is possibly the best thing I’ve ever seen?!!! And that Nars palette is soo lovely! Love posts like this, I feel inspired to make one for myself! xx

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