Brrr…Time to Bring Out the Vintage Faux Fur….

Yes, this does sound slightly inappropriate in the current mild climate that constitutes a HK Winter.  However, just over a week ago, I met up with the ever amazing M in Causeway Bay for a catch up and it was (just about) cold enough to justify bringing out the faux fur.  I bought it on Etsy and had been waiting for a chance to wear it.  Admittedly, it was carried more than worn but I did manage to persuade M to take some pictures of me wearing it.  The outfit I wore that day consisted of a mixture of a few of my favourite brands:

  • Black Coated Jeans by M&S (I tried them on when I did my “M&Sandthensome goes undercover” post).  They are surprisingly forgiving due to the incredible stretch and looks a bit like leather (I don’t think I can carry off leather trousers no matter how much I would love to) so these are a great (and cheaper) alternative.
  • Black on Black “Vera” Top by Aalis.  Aalis is one of my favourite HK brands at the moment.  Run by a husband and wife duo, they have a boutique in Causeway Bay.  I love the sweatshirt style and the black on black lace material adds texture to an otherwise simple looking top.
  • Navy Blue “Lorraine” Jacket by Aalis.  I have been getting a lot of wear out of this.  I love the slouchy feel of this jacket and it is super comfortable.  The subtle sparkle makes it more formal than the cut would normally suggest.  I am gutted though that I was not able to get the beige version of this jacket before it was sold out.
  • Navy Snakeskin Heels by Marks & Spencer.  I have worn these over and over.  I am generally extremely tough on my shoes but these seem to last the distance.  The navy and black snakeskin means that they are as versatile as a pair of black heels.  Unfortunately, I need to get these re-heeled which is a common situation for me in HK.
  • Pop Art Effect Mao Bag by Shanghai Tang.  This is one of my amazing Salvation Army finds.  I love the bright colour and the Mao print is a little bit cheeky.  I also like the shape of it as I can fold it over so it looks like an over-sized clutch.  It is amazing what you can find in a charity store!

So here are some pictures…


Thanks M as always….


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