GIG Spotlight 2: My Fashion Statement…My Fashion Mathematics

GIG Spotlight 2: My Fashion Statement
Sorry Miss but I spilled coffee on my homework…
So for the second GIG Spotlight, the title is what is my fashion statement?  Hmm…difficult for me as I am a bit of a fickle lady and I can not say there are signature must haves that I would wear and for it to be my fashion statement….so to keep it mixed up a little I am going back to school and doing some fashion mathematics.  From some key categories, I would say that my fashion statement constitutes as adding, subtracting or multiplying from these key elements.
  1. Local Brands – I am becoming a lover of local talent.  I always used to think that HK was so designer led that there was not much decent local talent…HOW WRONG WAS I?  Some of my current favourites are Aalis , Marco Visconti, Sleeh, Bejewelled Bespoke and an Australian brand of bag (OK Asia Pacific is local…sort of…) Mnologie.  I want to support emerging talents and obviously local businesses
  2. Mixing it up with high street stalwarts (am a Brit girl at heart) with Marks & Spencer and Next, my two favourites.  I love them for affordable trendy clothes but also work appropriate clothes.  Also their sizing is great for a curvy figure like me!
  3. I really really love vintage especially from Etsy.  I love the history behind clothing and also how affordable it can be.  I also love being able to find quirky prints and great classic pieces.  Also wearing vintage means you hardly ever have that awkward situation at an event where you turn up wearing a dress that about 50 other girls are wearing too…cue my wanting the ground to open up!
  4. Designer…yes I am all about affordable fashion but I do love to invest in designer pieces.  Also designer couture like Dior, Chanel or Valentino is inspirational and gives ideas of what we could incorporate of the couture essence into our daily wardrobe!  It is also nice to dream and be taken away to fantasy land by amazing couture!

So yes these are the elements which make up my fashion mathematics.  I used to be a good girl and hand in my homework on time and in pristine condition but I am channeling my belated rebel girl and handing it in with coffee stains and crumpled paper!

Ms Donah & Ms Marinella, I am sorry for being such a naughty student and handing in my homework in such a bad state!  😛  Ladies…on a side note thank you for this cool topic to discuss!


2 thoughts on “GIG Spotlight 2: My Fashion Statement…My Fashion Mathematics

  1. Donah D. Sweetjellybean says:

    Love it! I love the ‘Brit girl at heart’ and the fact that you’re one local brand supporter, I think that’s amazing. So glad that you joined this fashion tag as it gives us a little bit of an idea of what you truly love, fashion wise! Thanks for this entry, such a lovely read!

    (P.S. liked you on FB and followed you on Twitter xx Donah @

  2. jackalinetang says:

    Hey D…I really wish I had a signature style but it is still in development (i.e. shopping!!)…but I love the fact that GIG have these spotlight questions as it gets me thinking about different ways to blog too! Thanks as always for the support!

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