Clutching At My Heart

Clutching At My Heart
I have always been a big fan of carrying “everything but the kitchen sink” philosophy which means that I usually have a very heavy and large bag wherever I go.  Most people who know me (my lovely mother and the boy included) have always complained at how heavy my bag usually is.  However, with the purchase of my lovely Samsung phone, I now have my kindle, day-to-day camera and music player all in one slim phone.  Also I have been seeing some amazing clutches (thank you to the boy for buying me my Mischa clutch) on the market recently which has definitely made me re-assess what I really need to put in my bag.  I have never really been a make up person (read too lazy and too unskilled) so I can usually get by with a lipstick (loving Guerlain for darker dramatic lips and Bobbi Brown or MAC for day time lips) and my Bare Minerals Mineral Veil compact.  I have also tried to slim down my purse as well (emptying receipts on a regular basis rather than ad hoc when I realise that my purse has doubled its thickness!)
So with regards to clutches, I have usually gone for unstructured, squishy large clutches such as the Mischa clutch or the Oops clutch by GLUSH (supporting HK designers here!)  The size of these clutches and the unstructured feel of them means it has been less of a shock to my system with regards to downsizing my bags!  These clutches also are a great day to night transition piece as you can carry your daily necessities yet feel like the clutches are glamourous enough for the evening.  I have recently upped my clutch stakes by purchasing a customised perspex clutch from Mnologie (Etsy seller) which I am loving.  It is a small size and there is definitely no room for unnecessary junk (basically phone and lipstick and keys and some cash).  I do love that it is customised so on an evening out, you will never forget your name!  (Mine has “Belongs to Jackaline” and is the same as my blogger idol Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Vintage).
So, I have been pleasantly surprised by Next’s offerings of clutches.  I am currently drooling over the laser cut clutch (reminiscent of Christopher Kane’s version but a more affordable option) which is large enough for a day to night clutch.  I am also loving the lock clutch which comes in a total plethora of colours and patterns.  I picked for this post the ponyskin clutch (a great classic staple in nude), the jade green clutch, the floral clutch (great for wedding outfits!) and the graphic black and white version.  There are some other great versions such as the animal print ones or the bright blue one.  Literally, you could pick one for each day of the week.  They look a lot more expensive and luxe than the price tag!  (Even more of a reason to buy one for each day of the week!)  Also tangerine is a big on trend colour for S/S13 (check out Marie Claire UK for March 2013) and so I am loving the larger tangerine clutches which Next are currently offering.  So check out Next for a cute affordable clutch…

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