From Day to Night…

From Day to Night...
I have to admit that I am getting pretty obsessed with Polyvore recently.  The competitions that you can enter helps give me some inspiration for posts…
So I have been lusting after this floral body con dress for a while (I have already done a Polyvore set with this dress already!) and think that this dress is great for brightening up your day attire for the office and yet sexy enough for the evening ( think date night or cocktails with the girls…) The floral detail on the sides helps to give an optical illusion of slimming your waist and giving you that hourglass figure.  What more could you want?   Add a fitted leather jacket ( I am currently loving the leather one from M&S) and your basic outfit is set.  I chose some cute little black heels for the day (from Next) which would be perfect for running around in during the day.  Pump it up with some extra high heels (I chose current celebrity favourite Charlotte Olympia) to add some sexiness to your walk in the evening.  The gold platform part adds some extra glamour to the look.  Going with the floral/jungle theme (the pattern of the dress), I picked some gold jungle cat earrings from HK brand Sleeh and to add a dramatic piece for the evening, I would go with this stunning feather collar necklace (once again a nod to the jungle flora pattern of the dress).  To carry all your daytime necessities (and your changes for your night look), I chose a roomy black tote from Michael Kors.  If you are able to leave all the extra stuff behind in the office and go straight out in the evening, I would recommend this amazing perspex clutch by Mnologie.  (A word of warning, you cannot put much in this clutch but I have had some great feedback on it when I have taken it out…)
So yes, these are my picks for a day to night look…

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