What I would pack for ” I love green inspiration” blogger Marinella Rauso’s NYFW trip

What I would pack for " I love green inspiration" blogger Marinella Rauso's NYFW trip
My Picks (which consist of mainly GREEN) for Marinella’s NYFW wardrobe
So one of my favourite GIG bloggers is Marinella Rauso from “I Love Green Inspiration”.  Not only is she super sweet and cute but she is also uber talented.  She mixes high fashion with quirky cool.  Also Marinella was the blogger who introduced me to GIG.  I love how modest she is but also that she really used her own hard work and initiative to organise her own trip to NYFW.  She contacted PRs and arranged her own tickets for the show.  What an amazingly brave and great lady?!!!
So this post has been inspired by Marinella’s recent post regarding what to pack.  Her post was inspired by the uber cool model Frida.  So this is the post that I am going to highlight from her blog as it ties in with what I am going to try to do in this post.  Yes….I am going to try and virtually pack my ideal wardrobe for Marinella’s trip to NYFW!!!  Not having met her in person, it is extremely nerve-wracking to choose items which I would love but more importantly which I think she might like too.  Clothing choices are so incredibly personal and so it is with a little trepidation that I start writing out my picks!
I obviously had to pick as much green as possible for this lady.  I saw these uber cute green vintage luggage and thought…” Wow”…ok not very practical and she would probably need an entourage to carry all the luggage (as well as first class tickets for her flight!).
I have chosen a comfy yet dressy pair of green loafers from Valentino and a pair of uber glam green heels with an orchid detail from Charlotte Olympia.  I think that these could dress up or down pretty much any outfit.  To give some more basic footwear, I have chosen some great Proenza Schouler thick heeled shoes and Alexander Wang’s cool black boots.  Both could go well with trousers or a dress/skirt.
I love dresses.  I chose a great white maxi from John Lewis (high street brand!) which could then be accessorized with great jewelry and shoes and bag.  I chose a quirky print dress from the print queen DVF (with green of course) which would be great for day and night.  I also chose a great A-Line black leather sleeveless dress from Rag & Bone for its versatility.
I chose a great denim suit from Next.  This is great as they can be worn separately but also together.  To maximise the wearing of this suit, you can wear the skirt or the trousers with or without the jacket.  The denim material of the suit makes it more casual and less like you are going to the office yet it is smart enough for evening events.
I chose as many green tops as I could.  A great palm print t-shirt from Michael Kors which would look great during the day, a great lace detail top (Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti) for evening or for day to evening events.  Another piece which I love for its vibrant colour and slightly vintage feel is Iris & Ink’s detachable pussy bow blouse in silk.  The fact that you can detach the pussy bow means you get two blouses for the price of one….BARGAIN!
I chose some great statement pieces from Dannijo, an AMAZING feather bib necklace from Lizzie Fortunato, a McQueen skull ring for those “rock n’ roll” times, an amazing Cavalli ring with a green stone.  For a cheeky piece, I chose a Solange Azagury-Partridge lips ring and I also picked some great black and gold earrings from Erie Basin Antiques.  Finally I picked a gold cuff from Herve van der Straeten.
I chose a great roomy YSL tote for the core day bag but gave Marinella a cute laser cut (fits an I Pad) leather clutch for a good day or night option.  For something totally evening, I have chosen the cute Charlotte Olympia Russian Doll clutch.
Marinella….am so sorry but I ran out of Polyvore space so could not fit in more clothing or any make up (though you would not want make up advice from me!).  So yes this is my little ode to how wonderful I think you are.
I hate packing and so this is a big ask for me….but it is worth it as I want to show you some love!!
Have fun Marinella at NYFW!!
A shout out to the wonderful GIG ladies who organised this little GIG blogger love fest!

11 thoughts on “What I would pack for ” I love green inspiration” blogger Marinella Rauso’s NYFW trip

  1. marilovesgr33n says:

    This is one of those kind of things you can’t never forget. Somebody thinking about me, inspiring and helping me. Somebody who has spent her time for me. You can’t imagine how happy I am. Not only the post is so well written, full of incredible advices, most of all it’s all for ME. This is one of the reason I’ve started blogging and I’m proud everyday to always be just me. Thank you my friend…I hope to get some love back to you soon ❤❤❤

    • jackalinetang says:

      Lady…your kindness inspires me…and your amazing blog always makes my day…I can only hope to be a blogger like you some day!!! I am just so glad you liked it….I was a bit worried…:P

      • marilovesgr33n says:

        It seems you really know my taste…not only for the “green” :D. I packed not a dress similar to the Palm Springs top, but also a similar lace top. The heels are amazing and the black leather dress…mmm i have to buy one…about all that luggages?!? I’ll have an entourage asap.

  2. girlsinspiredgroup says:

    Aww, now this is some Love going on here. What an amazing post Jackaline! Mari is definitely an inspiring blogger with great taste and style, and a humble heart and that’s why we love her in the crew! Thanks so much for featuring her on your blog and for this lovely entry for our event! We couldn’t agree more about what you’ve said her about Mari!

    xx Donah

  3. The Charmed Cupcake says:

    This is such a wonderful post Jackaline. I can’t agree with Donah more, Mari is one of my most inspiring fashion bloggers seeing as I am more a baking blogger. Thanks for entering 🙂
    xoxo Angela
    GIG Co-founder

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