My First Attempt at Shopping on Next Direct….(AKA Oh no Another Online site I can shop on!)

I admit it I am a shopaholic…so online shopping is such a temptation for me.  Being such a lazy person, the fact that I can sit by my laptop and still shop without leaving the comforts of my home is like a dream for me.  Internet shopping has also meant that people can avoid the nightmare scenario of the madness which is London Christmas shopping…have you ever tried going shopping around Oxford Street the few weeks before Christmas?  Hello…chaos!

Anyway, the point for this post was to write about my review for Booroos on Next Direct.  Booroos is a site based in Asia where people can submit reviews on their online shopping experience on certain sites.  They provide reviews on shopping sites not only for fashion but furniture, electronics…basically anything that you can buy online via a site, you can submit a review on it at Booroos.  Also Booroos are currently running a competition where if you post a review you are entered into a draw to win shopping vouchers…even more reason to online shop!

How cute is the Booroos logo?

I had missed my Next fix when I moved to HK (yes I do have a M&S addiction but it also converted into a wee Next addiction too… I told you I am a shopaholic!)  HK does not have any Next outlets so apart from praying at the altar that is the M&S flagship store in Marble Arch, I would also visit the nearby London Next shops whenever I was in UK for a trip.  Next has always been great for affordable fashion so it is nice to discover that you can now buy online internationally.  I had incorrectly assumed that Next could only be bought in UK.  Blissful ignorance had definitely previously saved my wallet a few purchases or three or four…

The Next Direct website is your traditional online shopping site with clear links to the categories of products that are on offer:


Screen Shot of the Home Screen for Next Direct

For a technophobe like me, it was easy to use – you find your product and then click on it and choose the relevant size etc.  I always find it useful to have the size conversion charts at your finger tips which it was with Next Direct.  You of course need to create an account with all the pertinent details.  I actually stupidly bought my things in two separate purchases one after the after.  However, it may be interesting to see how they would deal with this type of purchasing.  The nice personal factor of the Next Direct website is once it recognises that you are in HK, there is a “HK Home Page” though all the products are priced in US$ and though it says it is free shipping to HK, I think there might be a slight mark up in the prices of the garments to cover the cost of delivery.  However, I do not mind this because sometimes you are spurred into over spending so as to justify the one-off shipping fee whereas here there is not as much of that temptation.  (All good for my bank balance!)

Once you have made the purchase, an email is sent directly to your designated email inbox to confirm the purchase and then when the items are dispatched then a subsequent email is sent with the package details.  All are sent by DHL or Fedex which means you have a tracking number for your package(s).  It is always good to have this on offer as with some online sellers it costs extra.

So yes…my two packages arrived safely (there was an interesting time gap of two days) and I was impressed by the efficiency of the packaging.  Firstly, I hate it when you go though layers and layers of packaging (I hate having to dispose of it all as it can be so BULKY) but also it is not very environmentally friendly.  So definite plus points there!

Anyway….I guess the ultimate question that people want to know is WHAT DID I BUY…soooooo….

Next Lace Flat Shoes

I saw these beauties in the current issue of Marie Claire UK and just thought LOVE…I love that I can incorporate the lace trend into my foot wear and the low heel means I don’t walk like an idiot (with the ever present danger of tripping when negotiating the steps around Central) and yet look smart enough for any occasion!  Bye Bye smelly trainers!

Next Geo Print Dress

I fell in love with this print dress as it has a slight snake-like appearance with the twisting detail ( CNY – how appropriate for the Year of the Snake).  The print detail is interesting but the colour is muted enough not to be too in your face.  Cannot wait to wear this dress…

NEXT Direct Purchases
Anyway, I was really surprised at how well the actual product arrived.  They both came in pristine condition:
Here are some shots of the actual products when they arrived:

The Unwrapped Package

Package opened

Package Opened…


Shoes in their Box!


Yay!  And the Shoes are OUT!!  (Sorry I went a bit happy with the colour manipulation but it is a reflection of the joy I feel looking at them!)


The Next Dress that reminds me of Snake Skin…How appropriate that we are welcoming in the year of the Snake!!

Check out my review on Booroos when it comes out and definitely support this review site as it will be useful if more people participate!  I really am overjoyed with my Next Direct purchases and cannot wait to wear them!!

Kung Hei Fat Choi Everyone….Wishing you Joy and Prosperity in the Year of the Snake…



8 thoughts on “My First Attempt at Shopping on Next Direct….(AKA Oh no Another Online site I can shop on!)

  1. jackalinetang says:

    It is an easy way to buy presents etc especially over Christmas but I agree that with clothing it can be a bit of a risky game with fit and also material quality. That is why honest reviews are so important. I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised with my Next purchases and cannot wait to wear them. I do tend to buy online for vintage which can be even riskier and you really need to know your measurements and body shape with that sort of buying. Thanks for reading my post and taking the time to leave a comment!

  2. Dianna says:

    Whatever really moved you to post “My First Attempt at
    Shopping on Next Direct.(AKA Oh no Another Online site I can
    shop on!) | mandsandthensome”? Itruly adored it!
    Thank you -Martina

  3. Razlan says:

    Whoa, the perfect dress for CNY eh? I used to have doubts in online shopping, but after a few dabbles a few years ago, I can’t stop. Nowadays I dread going down to the physical shop to actually buy stuff. If they offer online shopping, I will do it!

    P.S. By the way, I did my review as well 😉

  4. Bona says:

    Thanks for your review of Next. How is the sizing? Did you order your usual size? Does the dress fit as you expected based on the size chart?

  5. jackalinetang says:

    Hi there…apologies for the late reply…I ordered my usual size. I do a lot of online shopping but I tend to buy dresses or skirts as there is more room for discrepancies in sizes. Next is usually a bit more generous in sizing than some of the other trendier brands. I am usually a UK 10/8. The dress I bought fitted well but I might have been able to go a size smaller! Hope that helps.

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