Whimsical Print…Natalie B Coleman

So one of my favourite quirky cool Brit singers was wearing some great pastel prints and I was like “OOOOOO…”  Imagine my delight when I found out that the designer is Natalie B Coleman.  Not only is she a female designer (Girl Power!) but also she mixes whimsical prints and designs with wearable clothing.  It sounds boring for something to be “wearable” but I don’t personally think so.  For me, I need to be able to wear something for me to be able to relate to the design or the brand.



One of my girl crushes: Marina from Marina & The Diamonds wearing Natalie B Coleman


Pastel Dream:  Marina out and about wearing Natalie B Coleman S/S12 “All the Jewels I never Got Pt.2”

Natalie B Coleman’s S/S13 collection has been a whimsical delight with pastel butterflies and a rainbow of sugary colours.  It makes me think of fairies and all things nice!  I also loved her video launching the collection entitled “Sarah’s Suitcase”.  Not only is it quintessentially British (think modern day Agatha Christie” but also the quirkiness of Kate Bush’s “Cloudbursting” video.  Her collection is absolutely gorgeous and makes me want to run around fields wearing her clothing.  I am not usually that girly girl but for her butterfly prints…I am willing to wear pastel pink.  However, it is not frilly which I love, the silhouettes are sexy!


Sarah’s Suitcase…S/S13

The running trend throughout all of Natalie’s work has been great prints but with a strong silhouette.  I am still lusting after her angry ostrich dress!


A/W12 I Love Me’s Angry Ostrich Dress

I am super excited about Natalie’s forthcoming A/W13 collection.  Am hoping that she will continue with the great prints and super sexy silhouettes!  From what I can see, it is going to be just that.  Sleek leather in bright blues and great “girlfriend” coats with a black version of the butterfly print tops!  The bright leather reminds me a little bit of fetish wear but it really is a powerful woman that she is dressing for!


A/W13 Look


Wow…all you need is a whip and this will be a total male fantasy!!

I am a lover of a jumpsuit so was delighted to see a picture of Natalie’s red jumpsuit walking down the runway!


So yes, I think I have a new designer crush…and her name is Natalie B Coleman.

For more about Natalie B Coleman, check out her website or the facebook page.


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