The Fate is still in Your Hands…A Beautiful Odyssey Part 2…

Ok people…have you voted?  The love torn triangle of lovers need your help!  Help by clicking on the 7 For All Mankind HK website  and watch episode one then click below and choose to help influence what will be shown in episode 2!!  The second episode is due in a few days’ time!!!  21 March 2013!!!!

choose their path


As a Sean Avery fan, I chose the ex-boyfriend!!  OOOO  eeerrrrr….Missus….Anyway, from the options you can see it will be an interesting second episode!!  Also check out the competitions on the website where you can win some great goodies!!  So yes VOTE!!!

To throw a curve ball in there…would it not be great if the bride just reaches behind the camera and grabs James Franco and runs away into the sunset?  Just a thought…



Disclaimer…All Pictures are not my own and belong to the 7 For All Mankind company!


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