Outfit Post…Busy Bee and Bows…

Sounds garish doesn’t it?  However it is a true description of what I wore.  I had originally planned to go to afternoon tea with the lovely Jane from Celeste Fashion so I thought something a little bit chintzy, girly and vintage would be a good choice.  The bow print dress with lace collar and lace pocket detail was a dress I bought on etsy (what haven’t I bought from there?) and I have been waiting for a suitable occasion to wear it.  A last minute addition to the agenda for the day (I attended the Anne Klein event at Central Central – post to come up later) and so I felt the need to up the fashion stakes a bit.  (Yes I am that superficial but when you are surrounded by super stylish bloggers, you do need to work on the outfits!)  Hence as the weather was a little bit cooler than before, I dusted off my favourite charity shop find – a burgundy hat and of course my “McQueenies” as Carla from Layne Make Up Artistry calls my McQ by McQueen boots.  I seriously love these boots and if you check out my instagram account, there are quite a few pictures of them…  I have also picked up an unhealthy obsession with jewellery (Sabrina Sikora and Vanessa Lawson…I blame you ladies) and so stacked some Bejewelled Bespoke bracelets and my new bee ring (from etsy again!).

the bracelets


Bejwelled Bespoke and Marco Visconti bracelets and Mafia Shop Bee ring (etsy)
Picture courtesy of Carla Layne

the hat

Bee ring again and Charity Shop Burgundy Hat (Champagne glass courtesy of Central Central)

I am pretty useless with make up so I was pleased to have found Guerlain foundation which is moisturizing and easy to put on.  Also it seems to be a good shade for me (I don’t look like a ghost in pictures!)  Also I am loving the Guerlain lip stain in a dark berry colour (am getting a bit more adventurous with colour!!)  Carla also persuaded me to try a liquid blush (I have a phobia of looking like a Pollyanna doll) and so I have started to use the Guerlain liquid blush.  Guerlain PRs….if you ever read this post, I would definitely love some samples as I love your products!!  Yes I have no shame…

So there you go…my outfit for the Anne Klein event and afternoon tea with some lovely fashion people…hope you liked the outfit…and if not then well you don’t need to wear it!  HA HA HA….

me and louie

Rock’n Couture’s Louie Wada and Moi…
Picture courtesy of Carla Layne

meat anne klein

Louie, Me and Carla
Picture courtesy of The Chic Swag‘s Ira Otivar


4 thoughts on “Outfit Post…Busy Bee and Bows…

  1. norbyah says:

    etsy is a magical place….i don’t think you can overdo it….but then again, i’m probably not a good person to ask. great hat. love the dress.

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