My Pretty Woman moment…

No it is not the time when I decide to dress up in patent knee highs and short dresses and hang around street corners…


Nope – not that moment…

More the moment when she gets treated to experts in their respective fields of beauty and she turns out into a wonderful classy woman with beautiful bouncy hair…the specific scene is when Julia Robert’s character tells Richard Gere’s character that she “wants the fairy tale”…apart from my cheering her on ” YOU GO GIRL!!!”, I was also admiring her shiny bouncy hair.  So elegant.

want fairytakle

She wanted the fairy tale…

I might not want the big quiff action going on at the top but I am currently lusting after the shiny bouncy waves.  I have a natural wave in my hair but it just usually looks bedraggled more than glossy waves.

All those who know me, they know I am a lazy person with regards to my hair (as my mum enjoys telling me – she had to remind me to brush my hair).  I have improved since then however I don’t really know what I should do with it.  As I have a round face, I need a certain amount of layers to help hide some of the wider parts of my face.  I usually go to a random on the street (especially in HK where there are so many and just ask for them to cut it…with mixed results).

I have total bouncy, shiny hair envy over the Middleton sisters.  They always look immaculate even when popping out on an errand.  Ok, they were probably blessed with great genes but the extra factor is that they pop into top UK hair stylist Richard Ward for cut and blow dry on a regular basis (every few weeks).  Now I cannot afford to go on this level of frequency (unless the boy wins massively in the Euro jackpot.) and have Richard on permanent speed dial. However, I would love to have a “princess moment”

km hair

Bouncy, wavy, shiny hair a la Princess Katherine

kmhair2The ultimate blow dry perfection!

So when I heard about a sassy deal offering a discount for the hair cutting services of John R from Q I at Four Seasons (he does an amazing job on the hair of one of the fabulous HK stylist and blogger DressMe‘s Jasmine Webster), I jumped at the chance to book him.   Happy to find out there was an appointment today (Saturday) which was even better considering I had such a horrible day the day before.  I needed some pampering so excited turned up at the salon.  I have to admit to being a tiny bit skeptical about how much of a difference going to a significantly higher priced stylist.  Hallelujah!  I was converted.  John was super friendly and it was great to find out we had mutual friends.  He also asked me what I wanted (my response was “Errr….I don’t know I just don’t want to look so messy and look like I have a fat face!”)  He discreetly directed me to keep my length as much as possible and that my wavy hair is actually a plus (WHAT??? I spent years and money on straight perm and straighteners and probably ruined about two thirds of my hair!)  So whilst he was snipping away, we were chatting over a variety of interesting topics and then voila…before I could continue to waffle on about random stuff…he was finished.

I looked into the mirror and it was a truly magical moment.  My hair looked shiny, wavy and bouncy.  My previous ombre treatment on my hair (5 months ago…oops) was given a new lease of life with the hair cut.  I think John gave me a strange look when I squealed “OOOO I feel like Kate Middleton”.  My mood brightened and skipped out of the salon with my hair bouncing along with me.  Sorry I did not take photos to do the cut justice…the lighting in the IFC Mall was a little funny…



Loving the wavy hair!!



Anyway, if you need that magical hair experience…I definitely recommend John from Q I Salon at Four Seasons…


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