If James Bond became a Baby Daddy…Silver Cross x Aston Martin “The Surf Aston Martin Edition” Pram…

YES…I am writing about prams…NO you did not hear wrong.  To the boy, don’t worry…I don’t hear the patter of tiny feet just yet…or well ever…

Getting to the stage in life where a lot of my friends and my YOUNGER cousin are all having babies.  As an avid shopaholic, I even volunteer to go shopping for baby clothes and furniture.  In Hong Kong, this is an expensive business, no going to Argos and getting the cheapest possible pram.  Prams have gotten technical (to be honest as a vintage girl, I would imagine myself pushing a vintage pram a la Mary Poppins.  The reality is that I would have problems pushing it around Central or even getting on public transport.  Ugh…can you imagine how much SPACE a vintage pram would take?)

vintage pram


Yeah…I don’t think so too…

So after various shopping trips, I have come to the conclusion that I am well out of my league when it comes to pram shopping.  I don’t know about the “foldability”, the lightness of the frame, how many different shapes it can fold into, the sleek lines, the safety factor (yes I guess that would be important) and of course being in Hong Kong – the brand name!!  It really is like shopping for a car…another subject I know NOTHING about…

So imagine my surprise when I hear that Aston Martin (yes, even I know that is the car James Bond is famous for driving) has done a collaboration with Silver Cross (traditional British pram maker).  I proudly (I am a Brit at heart you know) introduce you all to the “Surf Aston Martin Edition”.  For the discerning baby (and James Bond if he became a father) and parents, this limited edition (only 400 have been produced) is available in HK!

Here comes the technical part (I swear it sounds like a luxury car, the design is THAT good)…

  • Exclusive Aston Martin designed alloy wheels and details finished in hand stitched Bridge of Weir leather
  • Air-ride suspension
  • Touch-perfect handling
  • Ultra-lightweight magnesium alloy structure
  • Hand stitched and lined in AlcantaraR, an extraordinary luxury material used on only the finest products

Does it not sound like a car?  I guarantee that any lucky baby to be riding in this pram would have no reason to cry out.  I admit it, if they had a “M&Sandthensome” sized version, I would be tempted to buy it just for the comfort factor and the hand stitched leather.  Also, imagine the bragging points in owning an “Aston Martin” (ok, a pram but it is still an Aston Martin!)


Silver Cross x Aston Martin “The Surf Aston Martin Edition”

Aston Martin brand

Yes…it is an Aston Martin…the pram version

So for all those soon to be parents that have not bought their pram yet and would like the creme-de-la creme of prams for their little ones…consider buying a little bit of history.  Remember, this is a limited edition and once the 400 have been bought, they are gone forever.

To see the actual pram, it is available in HK at:

Silver Cross:

Shop OT G59, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, TST, Kowloon, HK

Tel: 2736 4777


2 thoughts on “If James Bond became a Baby Daddy…Silver Cross x Aston Martin “The Surf Aston Martin Edition” Pram…

    • jackalinetang says:

      HAHAHA…when I was asked to write about it …I was like WHAT??? In the end it became quite fun but really totally out of my remit!! Hope you found it informative and a bit funny!! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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