“Never should the Twain Meet”…Beautiful Odyssey Part 3… 7 For All Mankind Outfit Post

How fitting that my first proper outfit post will be based on “Beautiful Odyssey” – the campaign for 7 For All Mankind where doomed or may be happy lovers (have you voted yet for Chapter 3?)  I have to admit that I have stayed faithful and voted for the ex….OOO SEAN AVERY!!!  Remember the deadline is 4th April 2013 so get voting PEOPLE!!!

chapter 3 7famThe Groom or The Ex?  YOU decide…!!

You might have noticed that I have been trying to avoid discussing the second part of the post…yes the outfit post.  I am really nervous about doing this:

a) I know nothing about posing…

b) I usually look completely fat and stupid in photos

c) I will be posting it in a group where people know how to pose and look stunning

d) I do not know how to edit my pictures

e) Oh pants, it was raining and we had only a few minutes to take some snap shots, bless my VINTAGE sister Norbyah (check out her blog, it is awesome and she is totally a kindred spirit with regards to written content, our struggle to do outfit posts and our love for vintage and etsy!!) and my cousin for taking these pictures for me.

7 For All Mankind have kindly been lending bloggers some of their products (have you checked out V for Visala and CindieMindie’s posts?) in light of their “Beautiful Odyssey” campaign.  Priscilla I’Anson kindly arranged for me to borrow something.  I loved the pictures of the products but it is with some trepidation that I told her my picks.  I know that I am not a sample size and have rather chubby legs and a middle…how on EARTH will I do these beautiful sexy pieces justice?  Instead of the super popular floral panel jeans (though I love them as they are so spring-like and probably super slimming), I chose a pair of dark grey/silver lace print jeans (oh gosh what did I get myself into) and a top with zipper detail.  They arrived promptly thanks to the super organising skills of the 7FAM team and Priscilla (big thanks to both of you).  Priscilla had advised they were tight-fitting so I was a little bit scared they would not fit me.  Imagine my surprise when they did but it is true they are tight-fitting and am not 100% sure I can do these beautiful pieces justice.

To encapuslate the beachy and slightly rocky vibe of the videos directed by James Franco, I chose not to wear the top with the jeans.  I went with my favourite charity shop find (my burgundy hat with Gucci inspired bamboo pin (read Sham Shui Po Special) and my favourite shirt at the moment…the amazing white silk shirt from Vaughan.  I wanted the top to be neutral to really highlight the beauty of the jeans and the lace detailing on them.  To give my legs some much needed height, I chose my favourite McQ by McQueen boots which with the hat gives a bit of a bohemian/rocky vibe which is in keeping with the video campaigns’ style.  Also I added my favourite MNO.logie perspex clutch and my Barnett gold voodoo tassel necklace to complete the outfit.

I have to admit that I was a bit shy as the trousers were so fitted so I warmed myself up by taking my usual instagram selfie.  Let me first show you the jeans in all their glory without my stubby legs in them…


The Beautiful 7 For All Mankind Jeans I chose

So yes, I wore them to meet my vintage sister Norbyah for a quick coffee and cheekily asked if she would not mind taking some pics for me on her coffee break!  However, it was in the pouring rain (and please note that i am wearing a white shirt for this outfit shooting…unwise …unwise…rookie mistake!)  Norbyah showed me some of her locations for shooting (you will recognise the coloured tiles in the background).  So in the space of 10 minutes, we took some pictures where I don’t look a complete tool (note the lack of v signs, scrunched up face…WTF? faces, thinking over pouting being a good idea etc…my usual bag of tricks when a camera is put in front of me!)

So here we go…


A Collage of 7 For All Mankind Jeans and VAUGHAN shirt

The quality of 7 FOR All Mankind jeans is amazing.  Super soft, comfortable with the right amount of stretch and with the amount of lace detailing – surprisingly light…perfect for HK weather.  If I was more adventurous, I wold love to wear this as an evening look with a tuxedo jacket!!


Yes it is a jeans brand so the obligatory “bum” shot.  Considering my chubby lower half, these do not look too bad…thanks to the photographer and also the amazing jeans!

Note: The AMAZING detailing on these jeans…

So what accessories?  I wanted the jeans to be the focal point of this post so I tried to keep accessories to a minimum.  Apart from the boots and the hat, I chose my Barnett gold voodoo tassel necklace which gave some interest to the simple white shirt.  I also wore my favourite Bejewelled Bespoke rings, bracelets and one bracelet gifted to me by one of my favourite etsy seller.  I also carried my favourite MNO.logie clutch.  Make up was kept simple and I used neutral tones around the eyes, Guerlain foundation with cream blusher and of course my new favourite Tom Ford lipstick (this time in red).  I wanted a classic look mixed with the rocker modernity of the 7 For All Mankind brand.


The Accessories: Gifted Elephant Bracelet from Etsy Seller, Bejewelled Bespoke Rings & Bracelets, Michael Kors Gold Watch, Barnett Voodoo Tassel Necklace and MNO.logie Perspex Clutch…and Vintage Hat with Bamboo Pin

After thanking Norbyah who had to rush off, I started off home in the rain and then realised I HAD NO FULL BODY SHOT!!!  (Rookie mistake 2).  So I got home and it just so happened my younger cousin was at home and was on his way out to meet his girlfriend so I grabbed him and asked him to take some pics for me.  In a few minutes flat (he had to run), here are the results…


The Full Outfit Shot…


Close Up of the Amazing Lace Detail on these 7 For All Mankind Jeans

So though not up to standard of my fellow bloggers, this is my first outfit post and there were no V signs, stupid faces pulled through out the whole day.  I am learning so hopefully you will see more outfit posts in the near future.  One post I definitely will need to do is with the 7 For All Mankind top, the team kindly lent me.  I chose to keep them separate as I thought that putting them together would detract from the beauty of the individual pieces so watch this space.  Anyway, though it was a brief shoot, I actually enjoyed the experience.  Seriously…does anyone have a dummy’s guide to outfit posting and posing?  Yes Bryant Lee and Zoe Suen and Emmy Cheng I am speaking to YOU!!

Will end on a positive point personally.  Though it is not of the jeans…this is my favourite shot.  I actually look like I have cheek bones!!


Oh Imaginary Cheekbones…How I have missed you…

Ending with the important stuff:

Please remember to vote before 4th April for the outcome of Chapter 3 of 7 For All Mankind’s “Beautiful Odyssey” by James Franco.  The whole film including the ending will be showed on 25th April.  So remember to vote so that you have a say in what happens in the end!!

To check out the amazing jeans ( I can vouch that they are amazing to wear and actually super comfy!!) and other items of clothing, please check out the 7 For All Mankind stores in HK:

Shop 3083, Podium, Level 3, ifc mall, Central

Shop 311, Level 3, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, Tsimshatsui

Shop 1013-1014, First Level, Elements, Kowloon Station

Shop LG224, Festival Walk, Kowloon Tong
Shop 316, 3/F, Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay

For people not based in HK, please check out the 7 For All Mankind website for your nearest store.

GET VOTING PEOPLE…Sorry I had to do it!!  Oh and for those who were wondering about the strange title of this post…well traditionally people should not clash gold and silver (shiny dark grey of the lace details on the jeans) and chubby girls like me should not wear tight patterned trousers and finally seemed to be in keeping with the “doomed” romance which is the theme of the “Beautiful Odyssey” campaign from 7 For All Mankind.

Once again thank you to Priscilla I’Anson and 7 For All Mankind for lending me the pieces…


32 thoughts on ““Never should the Twain Meet”…Beautiful Odyssey Part 3… 7 For All Mankind Outfit Post

  1. norbyah says:

    love this post, my dear vintage sister! so proud of your very first outfit post…..we can keep working at it…(over coffee and etsy confessions). LOVE the clutch. been looking through her etsy shop. she just had a easter promo (first 10 to comment get $15 dollars off)…
    see you soon.

    • jackalinetang says:

      thanks so much lovely!! I appreciate the support…just all the hk fashion bloggers here are so polished!! 😛 I unfortunately have to give the jeans back to the PRs…wish I could keep them!! LOL

    • jackalinetang says:

      they are really great but i borrowed them from 7FAM prs!! So need to return them. There is a massive campaign at the moment for the brand so was lucky to borrow them!!!

  2. stilettosandtequila says:

    Can I tell you something? You have a great choice of footwear. Yet again I’ve fallen in love with your boots! And that textured jeans and transparent box clutch is so cool. Where did you buy that necklace of yours anyway? It’s beautiful! 🙂

  3. Mrs. Gaeul says:

    I love lace, and those jeans are calling my name!

    Also, try not to be so hard on yourself and call your body such bad names. You are beautiful, your body is beautiful and don’t forget it girly! Be confident! ❤

    I think you did a great job on your OOTD! Looking forward to more.

  4. micheatsandshops says:

    Those jeans are perfect and they look fabulous on you! You worry too much about your legs 🙂 I say they look awesome! 😀 hehehehe Oh, and I better check that film. I am a huge fan of James Franco 😀

  5. Liss Cope says:

    Oh congratulations in your first outfit post! You look amazing! Love the clutch!!! Can’t wait to see moreee! The last picture is sooo pretty, my fave too 😉 big hugs ❤

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