Really…what to wear for a wedding…???

Yes I have written about this question in previous posts but now it really is a problem…what to wear to a wedding this Sunday?

Yes, call me superficial and a bit of a drama queen but I don’t think there has been such a clothing problem since K-Mid married her Prince Will (sorry, to be so casual but am in a rush here, please don’t send me to the tower!)

Ok, taking a deep breath now and will consider my choices (which theoretically are considerable).  I have to admit that I woke up this morning and thought should I go out and buy something new?  The shopaholic side of me shouted “Yes!” and rubbed her hands with glee however, the logical me actually won.  I actually do have a lot of vintage (purchased on etsy – yes I have an addiction) which I HAVE NOT WORN YET!!!

Before I start discussing my options, I need to explain the reason for my panic.  This Sunday will be the wedding of uber fashionista, stylist, blogger and founder of HKFashionBloggers Jasmine Webster.  I know that a group of bloggers will be attending and also Jasmine will be looking absolutely stunning.  I really don’t want to let the side down and look absolutely horrendous at her wedding!!

So back to the options.  I have already ruled out some options because a) wore them to other weddings, b) white so cannot wear, c) I probably don’t fit them anymore and d) I would look like something from a costume party.  (This final reason is due to the fact I was considering a pajamas pants suit but it really did look like I was attending a 70s themed party (it has giraffes on it!  Am such a sucker for prints!)

I have narrowed it down to three viable choices:

 Black Long Sleeved Maxi Dress

This dress I bought via etsy because it reminded me of some starlet dress from the black and white films of old Hollywood.  Unfortunately, it is black (I do not want to look too much like I am attending a funeral) and it might get a bit hot (wool material)  though with this weather it might just be ok.  Also I would not need to bring a coat.  Paired with my new MNO.logie silver chain floral clutch and pearl & jade long necklace.  Will keep everything minimal with this look and finish the look with my faithful pair of navy snakeskin print heels. I have posted this dress as an option for winter weddings already and cannot really believe that I am considering it for a wedding at the end of March in HK, but hey, such is the weather…



The Black Knit Dress

Black Knit Dress Styling

Black Knit Dress with Accessories
(MNO,logie Clutch, M&S Shoes, Pearl & Jade Necklace from HK boutique)

Pucci Inspired Print Maxi Dress

This is my current favourite choice and I have been dying to wear it.  Originally (in previous posts) I have mentioned it as an option to a Spring/Autumn wedding for a good friend of the boy’s but as I am not attending that wedding (long story but apparently as I was not engaged, married or pregnant by the boy – I was not supposed to be his plus one) in the Napa Valley…it is now a front runner!  Need to belt it though otherwise it swamps me.  Would pair this dress with tan Miu Miu heels, the previously mentioned MNO.logie clutch, Fossil link bracelet, turquoise stone ring and a pair of drop earrings from Polkadot Boutique.


Pucci Inspired Print Maxi Dress

Pucci Maxi Styling

Pucci Inspired Print Maxi Dress with Accessories
(Miu Miu Tan Heels, MNO.logie Clutch, Fossil Bracelet, Turquoise Ring and Drop Earrings)

Purple Lace Dress 

This is a dress by local designer Aalis (based in Causeway Bay).  I had a “dress” moment similar to when brides know their dress, I knew that this dress was for me.  It just fitted really well and I loved the length.  Lady-like but fitted enough to not be frumpy.  I don’t have a great picture of the dress but here is a quick camera phone pic my friend Carla took of me trying on the dress.


Me Trying on the Purple Lace Dress at Aalis

As the weather seems quite cold and wet (even with a change of venue), I have thought of pairing the dress with my beloved McQ by Alexander McQueen boots, gold leaf necklace from a Paris boutique and my original MNO.logie perspex clutch.

Purple Lace Dress Option

Purple Lace Dress by Aalis with Accessories
(MNO.logie Perspex Clutch, McQ by Alexander McQueen Boots and Gold Leaf Necklace from a Paris Boutique)

So what will I wear…I guess you will find out from the pictures that will be taken at Jasmine’s wedding…




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