One Person’s Rubbish…Another Person’s Treasure…the Art of Charity Shopping in HK…

Mao Print

Let me just admit it…I love a good treasure hunt in charity shops.  It is a shame that there are not many of them around in HK…however it is a slow growing trend.  One or two “vintage” or truly “2nd hand” shops have been popping up and if all else fails there is the Salvation Army stores across HK.  I have only been to the ones in Kennedy Town, Wan Chai and Aberdeen, all with mixed results.  I think that it is all about timing and should I dare say it….destiny?!  Sometimes, you can pop by and find lots of great stuff for good prices, other times there is absolutely nothing.  That is why when my cousin asks to go with me next time, I cannot promise her because to be honest, you cannot arrange a visit and expect to find things to buy.  Great expectations lead to great disappointment.

Two of my best Salvation Army finds have been two bags I bought in the Kennedy Town Salvation Army.  One was a yellow straw bag for less than 100HKD and a Shanghai Tang silk bag.  I saw the bright Andy Warholesque print of Chairman Mao and just HAD TO HAVE IT!!  I think I might have elbowed my way to the shelf (I apologise to anyone I may have pushed aside but I was FOCUSED…)

I did not know what brand the bag was until I bought it and saw the Shanghai Tang label.  To be honest, I did not care about the brand, just that I loved the colour and the cheeky print.  Another friend found in the (now closed) Stanley Salvation Army store some great Prada heels and a Zara jacket.


THAT Shanghai Tang Bag


The Straw Bag I used all Summer last year….


My Favourite Salvation Army Finds…

So next time you pass by a charity shop and you have the time to pop in…why don’t you…you never know what you may find.


6 thoughts on “One Person’s Rubbish…Another Person’s Treasure…the Art of Charity Shopping in HK…

  1. norbyah says:

    i totally agree with you….it’s all about timing (and destiny). when i found those prada heels, they’d literally just been placed in the display case and i nabbed them. they’re a half size too big, but i make them work. i miss my stanley salvo… close to home and i’m in stanley all the time for kid activities that it was easy to make regular trips into the shop to see what’s new. i have to figure out what day they get their deliveries….
    great post!

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