Part 3 of The Beautiful Odyssey…7 For All Mankind x James Franco

The beautiful William Blake inspired campaign for denim “lifestyle” brand 7 For All Mankind is getting closer to its end.  April 4 is the day of Part 3’s release….did you guys vote?  Who did you vote for?

chapter 3 7fam


I have always admitted to my boy crush on the bad boy ex played by Sean Avery.  But each to their own.  I am looking forward to seeing how this story ends.  Will it be like the original Odyssey with Odysseus returning home after many trials to his true love and a happy ending?  Or will it be a true Greek tragedy and end with tears and blood?  I guess we will find out in the end with the full film debuting on April 25th.

However, no matter how beautiful the filmed campaign is, and no matter how much of a bad boy crush I have on Sean Avery, we have to return back to the clothing.  And so, this post is going to be about the brand 7 For All Mankind.

Started in 2000, the ethos of the brand is “The Foundation for Individual Expression”.  Its aim was to bring premium quality denim to the public.  A great pair of jeans can be the “foundation” for a great outfit.  Originating from LA, this denim brand was quickly seen on celebrities such as Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Garner.  Male celebrities such as Jake Gyllenhaal (swoon!) started wearing the brand when the menswear line was launched in 2002. (Check out Denim Therapy’s post “The Men who Love 7 For All Mankind

7 For All Mankind became a true lifestyle brand following in the giant footsteps of Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger by expanding from jeans to women’s, men’s,  kid’s, footwear, handbags and sportswear.  Their collections become increasingly more “fashionable” and design focused by collaborating with Zac Posen, Pucci, Azzedine Alaia…the list continues to evolve.

Before I start to sound too much like an official press release (sorry I know I pretty much have referenced the official “Our Story” page), I want to say why I love the brand:

  • Cool interactive campaigns inspired by some of my favourite references (William Blake and Greek legend The Odyssey) and directed by uber cool eccentric actor James Franco

7forallmankind james Franco

“Beautiful Odyssey” Director James Franco

  • Sean Avery, Sean Avery, Sean Avery (sorry to the boy but I have a massive boy crush!)
  • Beautiful denim – the fabric is soft and thin but with remarkable stretch.  They are amazing to wear.
  • The brand is not afraid to introduce colour, pattern and texture.  Their beautiful pieces actually persuaded me to try tight textured jeans (the dark silver/grey lace design in my first true outfit post.



Yes, I did wear these…


  • The brand’s PR team in HK have been incredibly helpful and supportive to HK bloggers, arranging to lend items to a variety of fashion and style bloggers.  For me, I was initially a little bit wary about spending so much money on a pair of jeans but once I tried them on, I could actually see why they cost more than your average Uniqlo jeans.

So there you go…we shall see where the Beautiful Odyssey ends on April 25th.  Once again for all information about 7 For All Mankind stores globally and also information about buying them online, check out the firm’s website.



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