GArGAntuan Superga

Get it?  Yeah I know, so not witty but you cannot blame me for trying!

So 12 April 2013 was the official launch party of “People’s Shoes of Italy” brand Superga in HK.  It was also the day when the Guinness Book of World Records acknowledged that Superga in HK had created the largest shoe in the world.  So HK is now the proud location for the longest runway and the largest shoe…pretty cool fashion records huh?

Now you understand my “witty” title…

Superga is a fashion and leisure shoe brand which has its roots in Turin (Northern Italy famous for the FIAT family Agnelli and Juventus FC too) where they originally developed in 1925 a shoe with the ground breaking technology of a vulcanized rubber sole.  The model 2750 is still in production.  Throughout the turbulent pages of history, Superga has evolved its brand into the stylish and fashionable shoe it is today.

I have to admit that I initially thought it was an imitation of Converse but I was wrong.  The Superga brand has its own particular style and aesthetic.  Cool enough for the likes of British IT girl Alexa Chung and now hot singing sensation Rita Ora to front the brand.  A new lease of life was given to the brand when Marco Baglione took over the helm.


Rita Ora for Superga 2013

I was fortunate enough to be lent some Superga trainers by Superga’s sole licensee in China, PR powerhouse Electric Sekki.  With my fellow lovely blogger Style by Emmy’s Emily Cheng teaching me the modeling 101s and the lovely Carla Layne (you might have heard me singing her praises a few times) taking over the make up and hair and general artistic direction.  Cory Kidd was the photographer for the day and apart from pieces generously lent to us by Electric Sekki, Jane from Celeste Fashion lent us her office as well as some of her evening collection Supertronic by Celeste.

The initial aim was to celebrate the launch of Superga in HK but also to be the first collaboration with Electric Sekki and among ourselves.  My initial aim was to try a pair of Superga 2754 in Lamew Red (part of the Rita Ora collection) and have a bit of a “Dorothy” moment.  Unfortunately, those were not available in my size and I was lucky enough  to try on the classic 2750 style in “Fantasy Pois Navy White)…a really cute name for Navy with white polka dots!

2754 Lamew Red

From the Rita Ora Collection: 2754 Lamew in Red (The ones I initially thought I would like to try)

Superga2750 Fantasy

Fashion 2750 in Fantasy Pois Navy White

These shoes are super cute and comfortable.  And for similar “fashion shoes” of its kind, priced at around £50-70 (600HKD plus approx) depending on the finishing.  I was really glad with the eventual choice as I would be wearing a sequined and chiffon ballgown style by Celeste.  I think black sequins and shiny red lame type of material might be a bit too much even for me.  The outcome of the shoot?  Wait and See!!  (Future Post)

Let us get back to the launch.  So in celebration of launching in HK, Superga commissioned an attempt to create the largest shoe in the world…conceptualized by Electric Sekki, it was made into reality by Orient Unlimited.  Measuring at an impressive 20 x 8 x 11 feet the Giant installation is an exact replica of the most iconic Superga 2750.

The event which celebrated the world record breaking feat and also the launch was held in Harbour City where the flagship store for Superga will be.  Themed like a cool amusement park/skater park, there was ice cream vans, pizza (to celebrate the Italian heritage!) and cool DJs playing great music.  And of course the shoe.

Giant Shoe


For a better idea of proportions, I had Emily (who attended with me) to pose in front.


Emmy and THE SHOE!

The event was great and a lot of fun with the photo booths and Sideways provided guests a F1 racing experience.  So fun for all and sore feet at the end….(oh to have a pair of comfy Superga!!)

if you want to grab some of these uber cute shoes….the address is:

Shop Address:
Shop 2607, Level 2, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City, Kowloon
Tel: 2175 0228/ Open Daily 10am – 10pm

Thanks to Electric Sekki for inviting me and for press enquiries, please contact Electric Sekki. For more information about Superga in HK, hit the website.  For international enquiries, check out the main website which will lead you to your relevant country site.

Mini outfit post with Superga shoes COMING SOON!!!  I promise!!!


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