Girls go GA GA for Prom Dresses and SuperGa!!

Have you seen the recent articles about teenage girls creating Facebook pages to “reserve” or as I used to say as a girl “baggsie” their prom dresses?  Apparently it is called “Prom Dress Dibs” (thank you Daily Mail).   With pages such as” B@tch don’t steal my prom dress hey?” and comments about murdering people’s families (poor taste in jokes even for me) and promising violence on girls who would be buying “their”dresses.  Who knew what to wear for prom would be such a big business!!


“Prom Dress Dibs” is a popular craze on Facebook…

So in light of this…ladies if I needed to choose a prom dress then this would be mine so stay away….worn with some amazing Superga shoes and crazy accessories…so do not take this dress or I might have to errrr….post about you on my blog?

chiffondressBlack Sequin and Chiffon Dress from Celeste Fashion

Ok, people who know me will be very suspicious when I say…I WORE THAT SAME DRESS!!  Yes, like Scarlett O’Hara, I was slowly but surely squeezed into that dress.   Jane’s (Celeste Fashion’s designer) assistant created a miracle with each inching up of that zip!!

So the theme was to use some of the Superga shoes kindly lent to us by Electric Sekki and pair them with some beautiful dresses from Celeste.  Celebrity inspirations were early Lily Allen (think LDN, SMILE) , a less scruffy Kristen Stewart and the adorable Hailee Stainfeld of and Amelia Lily from X Factor…I use the term “celebrity” loosely with that last one.


Sorry Amelia Lily, you are not a “FULL” celebrity yet so you get your head cut off…

The usual staple shoe brand for this look would be Converse so it is great to break out of the norm.  Also pushing my own personal boundaries with wearing formal and NO HEELS!!  Also wearing a dress with a)no straps b)sequins c)shows some leg d) masses of chiffon scares the hell out of me.  I was imagining a meringue ( a black one yes)…a model or starlet might look great but how on earth will they squeeze me into the sample?  Anyway, the look I was channeling was late 90s, early 2000s…a bit like a young Clare Danes in “My So Called Life” might have chosen for her prom dress if they could have torn the baggy sweaters and plaid shirts from her.

Pleasantly surprised at how the mixing of casual shoes and formal dress went.  Fellow blogger Emily chose a slinky dress for her Celeste pick and she paired it with a great pair of gold Superga trainers.

Anyway, here are some pictures:

tie shoe laces tie shoe

Yes, it did take me a while to tie up my shoe laces…

Black Sequin Chiffon Dress by Supertronic by Celeste (HK$3,200),  Superga 2750 Fantasy Pois Navy-White loaned from Electric Sekki, Industrial Rubber Tubing & Large Carved Wooden Bead Necklace and Bracelet loaned from Electric Sekki, Vintage Gold Plated and Crystal Bracelet by Swarovski, Murano Glass Rose Ring, White Plastic Rose Ring and White Stone Ring by Bejewelled Bespoke (All my own)

Superga 2750 Fantasy Pois

Superga Fantasy Pois Navy White

Oh yes, I should put some pictures up of me in the dress.  The theme for the following pictures is the return after a night out.  I love the fact that wearing these Superga shoes, I could have danced the night away, walked home and still not have sore feet!  I do love my heels but don’t you just hate the feeling that after a good night out, your feet hurt so much you have to stumble home (wincing all the way) or take your shoes off to go home?  Call me silly but I usually feel it is a sign of a good night out if my feet hurt so much that it is a relief to take my heels off!


Chilling but SO not LADYLIKE


Loving the Superga Shoes

supergadresssittingOh Yes…This is a BIT more ladylike…

So yes, this is the outcome of my first proper shoot featuring just me!!  Hope you like it.  Thank you to Celeste Fashion for the loan of the amazing dress and Electric Sekki for lending the Superga shoes and accessories.

Make Up & Hair by Carla Layne from Layne Make Up Artistry.

Photographer: Cory Kidd

All photographs belong to Layne Make Up Artistry and CDK Photography.

Superga Shoes are available online or at the Superga store in Harbour City (store 2607)

Celeste Fashion is available online.

For details about the necklace and bracelet please contact Electric Sekki.


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