What’s My Niche?

Just read an article about keeping my blog fresh on IFB…“13 Ways to Keep Your Blog Content Fresh” and I hate to say it, i have blogger’s block.  I guess the dratted kidney infection has not been helping me but I am feeling a slight lethargy with my posting abilities!  May be I need to go to more events (invites please PRs) or may be I need to try and do more outfit posts (EEEK…running a mile at the idea of having to look good in front of a camera….)  Anyway, there is a distinct drop in my blogging creativity levels.

One of the main points of the article is to refresh my enjoyment of my “niche” area in blogging and here lies the question behind the title…WHAT IS MY NICHE?  I am definitely not  a DIY blogger like my fellow HK bloggers A Pair and A Spare or the lovely All Things Indulgent (Vanessa, I still do not have my necklace made…:(  Sorry!!!) I definitely am not like the uber FASHION bloggers in HK like Jasmine Webster, Elle Lee, Zoe Suen, Christing,  Am not one of the bright young things like my lovely Bryant Lee or Emily Cheng.  Definitely not beauty like Carla Layne I am not an outfit post professional like Visala either.  So here it goes…I am having a blogger identity crisis…Gosh I sound like a drama queen!  Apologies.  I feel at this moment I should suddenly be in a room and sit up and announce that I am having said crisis….can picture the scene already!  He he he…yes it is all about me me me.

Hmmm…so before I can progress to the next few steps in the article, I need to identify my niche and then read around the subject….Hmmm…first step…what is my niche?


Answers on the back of a postcard please…


Sorry I could not afford stamps…


2 thoughts on “What’s My Niche?

  1. Moi Contre Le Vie says:

    I’m currently going through this business school/Entrepreneurial program and one of the exercises is to spend twenty minutes just free writing all of your business ideas. I think you can apply this to blogging. Sit down w/ a blank piece of paper and write down all the topics & ideas that you have, things you’re passionate about, things you could talk about forever, things you’re interested in & want to learn more about… And then create your own niche!

  2. norbyah says:

    you and i are sooooooo on the same page….i say it’s really time for a vintage collab. seriously. and, i’m always happy to take outfit pics of you girl. you know i have the locations =-) hope you’re feeling better soon. let’s chat.

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