Oooerrr…Suits You Ma’am…HM Queen Elizabeth II’s Corsetiere Visits HK (Rigby & Peller)

I love June Kenton…there I have said it.  Mrs Kenton and Gok Wan are the two people I love listening to when they talk about underwear.  Admittedly, I think I would prefer Mrs Kenton as I am not sure I want Gok fiddling with my girls…though I do love him.  June Kenton is the Grantee of the Royal Warrant as Corsetiere to HM Queen Elizabeth II.  She has also fitted underwear for the late Baroness Thatcher and Diana, the late Princess of Wales.  Whilst discreet which is necessary for the high-end clientele she caters for, she is also very honest about situations when a lady wears an ill-fitting bra.  It is amazing what a difference a well fitted bra will do to a woman.  With one simple garment, you can really become a different woman.  The correct fitting bra can improve your posture, give you more confidence and also help you even drop a dress size potentially.  As I said…a NEW WOMAN!

June Kenton

The Amazing June Kenton…keeper of the Queen’s measurements…

Rigby & Peller are renowned for their quality and knowledgeable service with bra fittings and produce their own custom tailored bras.  However, they also select premium brands to supplement their existing own brand.  Exquisite French brands such as Aubade and Lejaby produce romantic and practical underwear and are perfect for the curvier ladies.  From personal experience (thanks to the boy), I was given a beautiful set of Aubade lingerie.  Exquisite and tasteful.

It is also refreshing to find stores such as Sheer and of course now Rigby & Peller offer a variety of sizes from the smaller cup sizes to the larger D-J (thank you Rigby & Peller).  Also they do not all have the hideous thick foam padding which most Asian brands do.  I love the concept of Peach John but I can never find a bra which is my size and also not already half filled with foam!

Please see below for some pictures of the ranges that Rigby & Peller offer:


W2 Evasion Tropicale Curacao


W4 Hypnotic Chamane

I think I might have to visit Rigby & Peller soon to get an update and make sure I am still wearing the right sort of bra!!  Bit like a health check really!!  He he he…

Rigby & Peller Store:

The Landmark shop 310, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: 2877 5655
Shop 2118, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 2175 3050

Please note that all pictures are courtesy of Fremont PR.  For any media queries then contact Frement PR:

Jessica Lai
Tel: 2890 8262


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