You Know You Have Found A Kindred Spirit When…(Outfit Post)

…you both turn up to a book signing wearing vintage black pleated skirts and black shoes…yes the accidental twinsies situation.  Recently planned to meet my lovely friend, vintage sister, fellow etsy addict Norbyah who also has a fabbo blog.  We knew we had a lot in common but it was a bit of a shock when we both rocked up in below the knee black pleated skirts and black shoes.  Add a white shirt and some plaits in our hair and we could have been wearing a school uniform.  We were meeting up to attend the book signing of Facehunter (the famous street style blogger).

Anyway, we had both brought our cameras in the hopes of an impromptu photo shoot (great minds!) and the Wan Chai area we were in is a fantastic setting!!  So many quaint buildings and shops!  I love the variety and scope of the shops that there are on offer.  There is a certain artisan aesthetic around the area.   To highlight this point, we saw this great MONDRIAN style building on the corner of Moon Street which is a governmental refuse centre…you just have to love HK don’t you…?


Norbyah taking a picture of the Mondrian style Government Refuse Centre…


Accidental Twinsies…cue Cheesy Smiles…


Norbyah is a professional and looks at the camera…I just look GORMLESS and it looks like I am gazing adoringly at her…actually I do adore her so may be it was me being natural?


“Jackaline…did you not get my email about YOU NOT wearing the pleated black skirt?”

As you can see, I still do not know how to pose and I obviously need to improve on my posture.  These pictures also made me realise how some tops can unfortunately emphasize your chest especially if you are already generously endowed.

Ok so what was I wearing?

Remember my previous post about the Georgia Hardinge for River Island collaboration? well I bought her body con T shirt style dress.  It fits great but because of my errr generously endowed chest area, it has become also a little bit too short for me to wander around in public without being laughed at and then probably arrested for indecent exposure….


That Dress…looks SO much shorter in real life…sigh

I love the sculptural print as it reminds me of some of my favourite graphic artists especially the guy who inspired the Alien looks for the Alien films.  Unfortunately for me, (may be also due to the high waistband of the skirt), the patterns actually emphasized my chest quite a bit.  Looking at these pictures, I feel like Babs Windsor in the Carry On films….(yes, I know I exaggerate and am throwing a drama queen strop!).  I actually think the dress which I am wearing as a long tunic style T-shirt top looked better in a previous ensemble where I paired it with my go-to comfy leather trousers.  The proportions seemed to work better with the lower waist line.  Oh well, lesson learnt!

Anyway, I paired the amazing Georgia Hardinge print top/dress with a vintage black pleated skirt from Etsy.  To try to add definition to my waist, a simple black belt was added and I used my PS.Besitos book clutch for my necessities.  A ceramic white Fossil watch and some arm candy from various stores on Etsy completed the accessories.  I decided to wear my Swedish Hasbeens clogs which are super comfortable and give you a heel without meaning you cannot traverse the tricky streets around HK.  Also, they had a little vintage feel to them even though they are new.


The Whole Outfit…Yes I obviously do not know how to smile


Trying the “Look Upwards” pose to see if that works better…


Bright Lips with the AMAZING Georgia Hardinge Print T Shirt/Dress


Sorry, I became a bit “Pic Monkey” collage happy – but I did want to show off the amazing accessories and shoes…


Practicing the Demure Ladylike Pose…Work in Progress…

As you can see I need to work on my posing for outfit posts but it is a work in progress.  I have to admit that as I attempt more, I find them a little bit more enjoyable.  I guess it means I just have to practice practice practice!!

Ok here are the details of what I was wearing:

Georgia Hardinge for River Island Body Con Jersey Dress £60 (but sold out), the rest of the collection is still available online.

Black pleated skirt from Etsy

Swedish Hasbeens (Approx HK$2,000) from Vie, Shop 2 St. Francis Yard, Star Street, Wanchai Tel: (852) 2804 1038

Fossil Watch (Gifted)

Arm Bracelets from Etsy

PS. Besitos Book Clutch (Approx HK$700) from her website.

THANK YOU to Norbyah and her husband Joe for taking the pictures.  The group pictures are from Norbyah.  Thank you my vintage sister!!


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