THAT Metallic Leather Skirt…M&S

For about four months since I clapped eyes on the S/S13 M&S pictures on Pinterest, I have been drooling over a metallic blue leather skirt.  Yes, you heard right…metallic, blue, leather and M&S.  This season, M&S has really been pushing the fashion button on their offerings.  As Cilla would say, it IS a lorra lorra skirt (translation lorra=lot of).  I wish I could be like the leggy model who wore it with a floral top, statement necklace, floral clutch and bright red shoes.  However, in reality, unless you work in fashion or the media, you could not wear this look during the day unless you want your office to question whether you did the walk of shame that day.




THAT leather skirt worn with floral top and red heels (M&S Pinterest)

I have seen this skirt featured in publications such as Grazia (UK), Marie Claire UK and Company.  So imagine my devastation when I missed the skirt’s first appearance online and finding it had sold out in my size.  Thank the M&S Gods though that M&S HK saved the day as they have brought the skirt into HK M&S stores a few months after it was launched in the UK.  I am loving the new lease of life that M&S HK is experiencing.  I had been missing some of the more fashion forward items that the UK M&S were offering so was glad that the HK M&S buyers were taking advantage of some of the great pieces currently on offer.  Us ladies in HK do love our fashion!

I have to admit that there have been some mixed reviews about the colour not being as pictured and described.  I disagree, it is exactly the colour that was in the pictures.  The only difference (and for me it is a bonus) is that the skirt is less shiny or holographic as pictured.  For a curvy lady like me, less shininess around my hips and stomach is a blessing.  The price is high, around HK$2000 which for M&S, is quite high.  However, it is made of quality leather and with the classic pencil skirt shape, it can be worn for many years to come.  It really is about mixing and matching.

So how did I wear it for the first time?  I was wearing it during the day and then going to evening events so had to keep it simple.  If I went too OTT, I think I would have looked like a bedazzled quality street wrapper (not a good look!)  I chose a simple cream silk short-sleeve blouse with a collar and my pale pink (2 seasons past) M&S heels.  I tried to keep the palette neutral and kept accessories to a minimum.  The skirt was the focal piece.  I will do a proper outfit post soon but here is an instagram picture of the look:


Keeping it Simple…

The skirt is available in M&S HK stores.

Flagship Store in TST:

Units 320A & 351-360, Ocean Centre
Harbour City


3 thoughts on “THAT Metallic Leather Skirt…M&S

  1. norbyah says:

    this skirt is fab!!! i really like how you styled it. i agree, styling it down helps to accentuate it’s awesomeness. i can’t believe i’ve never been to M&S’s flagship store. i’ll have to make a trip.

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