The DRAMA continues…I still need to decide WHAT TO WEAR TO A WEDDING….part…3? I think?

I have already written several posts about my dilemma in choosing the appropriate outfit to wear to certain weddings where I was a guest.  Have you noticed that the posts usually happen either straight before the wedding (as per Jasmine Smith’s wedding) or when I find out that I have several potential weddings looming up (here and here ).  Yes, I already have outed myself as a complete stress head and superficial diva who is going into a complete melt down (I am exaggerating a little bit…just a bit) about what to pack to wear for my best friend’s wedding.  The problem is that I cannot decide at the last minute what I feel like wearing on the day but I have to PACK IN ADVANCE!!!  Arrrgggghhh.  I have had some highs and lows with my various selections for wedding guest outfits and getting that balance with what is appropriate for the wedding and for your own personal style is difficult.  Also, any chance of buying something new is always a big plus for me.

My usual go-to outfit for attending weddings is the dress.  I usually wear a slim fitting dress in various materials and colours.  The only exception is DRESS ME’s Jasmine Smith’s wedding where to suit the bride and groom’s slightly bohemian vibe, I chose to wear my Pucci print inspired maxi dress.


What I wore to Jasmine Smith’s wedding…

May be I have become inspired by all the super talented bloggers I have been surrounded by but this time, I feel like trying something different.  I don’t really know why but I feel like wearing separates.  A recent article in Company showed that a lot of celebrities were wearing variations of the red trouser suit.  I love red as it is such a vibrant and sharp colour.  I am really tempted by this NEXT suit:

red suit


Red Linen Blend Jacket (£45)


Red Linen Blend Trousers (£26)

However, for a wedding would this scream “LOOK AT ME” too much?  The focal point of a wedding should be the bride after all?  Also as Next is only available online in HK, I would have to wait until I arrive in the UK to try it on.  With such slim fitting trousers that do not have a lot of stretch in the material, this is a risky option and I would have to have plans B and C at hand just in case I look horrid and the suit looked ill fitting when I tried it on.  Though I am sorely tempted, I am too much of a worrier to leave my outfit choice until such a late stage.

I am still tempted by the idea of separates and after reading Jasmine’s post about the shorts suit, I am tempted by the idea of wearing a shorts suit for this wedding.  As the wedding is in Greece, I am hoping it would be nice and hot so shorts would be a great option.  Also adding a jacket would make it appropriate for the wedding ceremony.  The idea of separates would also mean I can mix and match.  I found inspiration from the House of Fraser blog post about what to wear for a summer wedding.  I am not usually a big fan of in-house company blogs to be honest but because House of Fraser is a department store, it therefore has a multitude of brands to offer.  I liked that it was clearly for summer weddings but that it gave options for different types of summer weddings.  My absolute favourite was the Ted Baker shorts suit in a gorgeous pale blue.  Perfect for a summer wedding but as separates or even as a shorts suit, it could be work appropriate with a great shirt in either black or white for a crisp alternative to a business suit.


TED BAKER Jayne Tuxedo Suit Jacket (£209)


TED BAKER Jaynesh Tuxedo Tailored Shorts (£109)

My conclusion is to take inspiration from what I have read and see how what I already have in my wardrobe can be used to recreate similar looks.  I am trying to be sensible here because I have to admit (and my mother will rejoice that I admit it but please don’t tell her unless she reads this post of course!) that I obviously do have lots of options in my existing wardrobe.  I DO NOT need to buy more clothes…well not quite yet…

You will have to see in a later post what I finally decide to wear.  I promise to try to take some decent pictures this time!  So watch this space.


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