A “Summer” Walk in London…

So on the first few days of my visit with the boy in London, the weather was quite atrocious.  I stepped on the plane in HK, leaving behind warm, sticky and extremely humid weather (ideal mosquito weather) and stepped off the plane into what seemed like Winter weather.  Call me a drama queen but I was freezing.  Obviously, I was not a girl scout so was not prepared for such a chilly welcome.  (Check out my later post when I write about WHAT NOT TO PACK!)

Anyway, during the weekend, the weather became mildly warmer.  One of the favourite things that the boy and I like to do in London is to wander around – especially if there is a riverfront near by.  The boy had decided to prove himself to be a true technology pro and now wanted to try to use my camera so here are the results part 1.  I apologies in advance for the silly poses…

As it was the weekend, I went for a girly vintage polka dot dress but to keep me covered, I found an old Hobbs coloured trench.  The trench coat is still a staple in every lady’s wardrobe and this sunny yellow colour brightens up my day.  I was also wearing my new Swedish Hasbeens black shoes (super comfy and no stomping noises at all thanks to the rubber sole at the bottom!)  A simple slick of Tom Ford red lipstick and my favourite pair of Coach sunglasses finished the look.  I also brought my Etsy book clutch to compliment the girlish style of this outfit…


Am Shy…

(Past Season Hobbs Coloured Trench, Vintage Polka Dot Dress from Etsy, Kate Spade Necklace, Ps Besitos Book Clutch, Past Season Coach Sunglasses)


Admiring the View…


Trying the “Over the Shoulder” Look


Trying for a “In Motion” Shot…Cue Feeling Dizzy…


How I Wish The Weather had been THIS BRIGHT!

Clothes I wore:

Hobbs Past Season Trench – get a similar one here
Check out Etsy for vintage dresses or get a similar one here
Swedish Hasbeens can be bought in HK (solo suppliers) at Vie Shop 2, St. Francis Yard, Wanchai.  For other countries check out the website
Ps Besitos clutches are available to purchase, her Etsy store is here
Tom Ford Make Up can be found at Lane Crawford Times Square


6 thoughts on “A “Summer” Walk in London…

  1. Moi Contre Le Vie says:

    I’m sorry that your trip wasn’t picture perfect but it must have been great to visit London, I’m so jealous! I love the polka dots & that yellow jacket is such a great piece. Can’t wait to hear about your meetings! 🙂

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