Fulham Palace Gardens…Enjoying the Sunshine…

Following on from my previous post…here are some more pictures of the same outfit.  The boy and I walked along to Fulham Palace Gardens before walking back to the boy’s flat.  Surprisingly, the weather warmed up and I was able to take off the Hobbs trench.  The boy became obsessed with fiddling with the lens aperture settings (he is such a geek though he refuses to admit it!)  We ended up walking along some cool back streets – it is something I love about both HK and London, the ability to walk along and discover some amazing back streets hidden away with all their quirkiness.  The boy took a picture of my accessories and my unbelievably cute book clutch from PS. Besitos.



Feeling like I am on top of the world…
(Book Clutch from PS. Besitos, Bejewelled Bespoke stone bracelets and ring, Crystal bracelet and “Love” bracelet from Etsy)


Quirky Streets of London – oh and me being a tourist…
(Outfit details here)

Walking by the river and crossing over one of the bridges back to the Fulham part of London, I really did feel like a tourist.  London does not really feel like home anymore which is a first.  Though sad in certain ways, it does enable me to look at the city with fresh eyes and appreciate again the beauty and history of the place.


Tourist…By the Thames


Under the Bridge…

Our final destination before we returned home was to walk through part of Fulham Palace Gardens.  Many a time have I sat in a taxi on my way to the boy’s place and passed by the walled gardens of Fulham Palace.  In various shapes and forms, the palace has been a residence (summer residence mainly) for bishops for over 12 centuries.  Though it was originally a manor house, the residence became known as Fulham Palace due to the fact that bishops were widely considered to be “princes of the church”.  Now it is a venue for events and weddings.  It also hosts exhibitions and the gardens are open for the public.  Admission is free so if you are ever in London, this is definitely a place to visit when the sun is out (yes I know it is rare…)  For more information, check out the website.


Check out the crossed ankles…”I’m a LADY!”
(Stone ring by Bejewelled Bespoke, Michael Kors watch, Kate Spade necklace and Swedish Hasbeens shoes)

I always love wearing this Kate Spade necklace as it is such a statement piece.  The floral design is both ladylike and modern…in keeping with the lady like image I was trying to portray!  I bought mine in HK store Caty which offers past season stock of established brand names at a fraction of the “real” cost.


Close up of the Kate Spade necklace from Caty

Finally returned back to chez the boy, I was pleasantly surprised that after such a long walk, my feet were not aching.  The Swedish Hasbeens shoes were super comfortable considering they are “heels”.  I also managed to not chip them this time (thanks to Vee Wong and her team at Vein/Vie for sorting that problem out).


Chez the Boy…

Check Etsy for versions of my accessories and clothes.  I have suggested high street versions of the trench and dress in my previous post.  Bejewelled Bespoke and PS. Besitos are also available on Etsy.  For those residing in HK, you can check out Bejewelled Bespoke’s current and past collections at Polkadot Boutique (2/F, 29 Hollywood Road, Central).  Caty is located at 73 Caine Road, Central.  Swedish Hasbeens are exclusively available in HK at Vein (Lee Gardens Two) and VIE on 2 St Francis Yard.


2 thoughts on “Fulham Palace Gardens…Enjoying the Sunshine…

  1. Norbyah says:

    Of course you know how much I love this outfit since I am polkadots obsessed…and black white and yellow are the best color combo! I had black and white stripes on with a yellow skirt today.
    Dying to catch up with you….lets make a plan!

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