Hanging Out in Stanley…

I have had a bit of a rest from blogging recently…so to slowly re-introduce myself to blogging again…here is a quick outfit post from a catch up with my vintage soul sister Norbyah!!

I love visiting her in Stanley, a great excuse to go outside of the big city and breath in some fresh sea air.  The weather was sunny and incredibly hot so I kept things simple with a vintage floral romper…I think I did look a bit too hippy for Hong Kong but the floral pattern is incredibly bright and cheerful so how could I resist?  Kept everything else simple with my old Coach sunglasses and boots from my current favourite shoe label Senso.  Senso is an Australian brand currently gracing the gorgeous feet of cool bloggers  such as Margaret Zhang.

stanley 1


Floral Romper from Etsy, Senso Qimat (similar ones can be bought here), Coach sunglasses

stanley 2

My “Oh Look At That” Pose…(Yes I cannot pose…)

stanley 4

Grey On Grey… Senso Qimat Boots…


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