Don’t be Afraid of the Floral Jumpsuit…

DressMe’s stylish blogger Jasmine Smith is right….the jumpsuit in all its various shapes and forms is a big trend right now.  Personally, it has taken me a while to get used to this trend as I feel that if you are not careful this look can be super unflattering (flashback to a not so cool onesie look).  Now I am a sucker for prints (yes mum it has taken me a few years to get out of my standard black) so I am loving the printed jumpsuits that are currently on offer.  Check out Topshop in HK as they have a great range of printed jumpsuits ( I was lusting after my friend Sabrina’s “safari” themed one from there).

I could say that I was ahead of the time and that I am a trendsetter (inflated ego much?) but sadly it was not the case, I simply just liked the piece when I saw it on Etsy.  Yes, I am talking about a floral jumpsuit – with a white background.  I know I am not describing it well because quite frankly the description makes it sound quite hideous (sofa material anyone?)  However it has swiftly become one of my favourite items in my wardrobe.

The beauty of a jumpsuit is that like a dress, one garment makes your outfit.  If you have the legs for it then opt for the playsuit/romper but if you prefer to keep covered then the full trouser like jumpsuit is your friend.  Make sure that the jumpsuit has a nipped in waist to keep it from being baggy and making you look like a round blob (I learnt that lesson firsthand…still shuddering at the thought of what I looked like).  Black is of course a safe bet and like a LBD is classic and can really be dressed up by accessories.  However, I love the vintage printed ones because they are quirky and add a bit of fun to my wardrobe.

Here are some pics of me wearing the said jumpsuit…

jump1Floral Jumpsuit from Etsy and Senso Qimat shoes from Oxygen Boutique


As you can see I have tried to keep the day look easy and casual with accessories at the minimum. I used Tom Ford’s Indian Rose as my go to lipstick.  For the evening look, I would use the matching belt which would keep a good silhouette (especially after a dinner and my pot belly pops out), Muted colour shoes such as these low heel Senso boots keep it casual and day time but for the evening I love a good pair of colourful heels.  Check out Sleeh for some amazing colourful heels!  The Evelyn in Blue from Sleeh are my favourite pair for the evening shoe choice for this outfit.  Though high heeled, these shoes have a platform which makes them so much more comfortable.  Sleeh also love us girls and gives us foot cushions for our heeled choices.  (Girls, check out Sleeh now as they have some amazing online sales now.)  Especially as the Evelyn is currently out of stock but am sure you can get something very similar.  Also one more pop of colour could be in the lips, I love Violet Fatale from Tom Ford to inject some va va voom to my lips!!  Remember have fun!


Awkward Angle for the Pic but Proof that I wear these shoes with the jumpsuit!!

Anyway, my final word for this piece is to not be afraid of the jumpsuit, look around and find the best shape to suit you.  It is a fun and versatile way of punching up your wardrobe!  Check out the high street for current pieces but places like Etsy are full of vintage options so jump into it!!


2 thoughts on “Don’t be Afraid of the Floral Jumpsuit…

  1. norbyah says:

    hello!!!! floral jumpsuits…jumpsuits in general. we LOVE this, right? got myself a new one at a vintage stop on my travels. cannot wait to wear it. i think the key with jumpsuits is how you accessorize, too. a belt can go a long way for a person not used to the all-in-one look. cannot wait to try this look again.

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