A Style Evolution: From Party Girl to Style Icon…Nicole Richie is All Grown Up…

Been feeling a bit uninspired so looked to the celebrity world (oh fickle me) for something to tickle my fancy.  I recently have become addicted to the reality tv competition Fashion Star (I was not a fan of the first season, I don’t really think Elle Macphearson is the best tv presenter for the show….beautiful but a bit dull…sorry Elle!).  I loved the most recent season as the judges had to be mentors to the contestants.  Also I do like the format where it is retail focused with buyers from big US stores such as Saks and Macys giving their opinion on the designs each week.  It is always nice to catch a glimpse into the thought process of what goes into deciding what ends up in a store and what might seemingly be a cool design but in fact is not “sellable”.  As a complete ignoramus of the fashion retail business, this series has been a great “dummy’s guide” (yep, I hold my hands up and say it I am a dummy!)

My absolute favourite judge has been Nicole Richie.  I really think she really has transformed herself.  Unlike her ex-BFF Parish Hilton, Nicole has evolved.  Don’t get me wrong, I admire Paris for understanding her brand and milking it (a bit like the K clan) but I love and admire how Nicole has GROWN UP.  I also love her Boho chic style.  Yes, she was a bit of a Zoebot in her style evolution but it was the right direction (ok I am skipping all the talk of anorexia at this point and only talking about her style.) Ok, back to why I love her on the show… she is passionate and funny.  Not only does she have her favourites but she is also brutally honest…in a funny way.

hh2 hh1Style Inspiration… The Evolution of Nicole…

Anyway, apologies for the frenetic jumping back and forth but I want to go back to Nicole’s style.  I love her brands House of Harlow 1960 (named after her daughter Harlow) which is predominantly accessories but also her fashion brand Winter Kate.  I was lucky enough to have bought a piece from her Winter Kate collection via one of my fave online stores Oxygen Boutique (it is rather autumnal in colour scheme so have been holding back from wearing it but it is so ELEGANT!)

So now my covetous eyes have gone to acquiring a piece from her House of Harlow range…I love my accessories…can you not tell I am a shopaholic?  As a true online shopping addict, I had a quick google search.  I finally found what I was looking for…one of Nicole’s earlier pieces…the classic sunburst pattern necklace.  I wanted something quite dramatic yet simple at the same time (does that make sense?  You know what I mean right?)  The black and gold in the simple cut out pattern really makes for a statement piece.  I cannot wait to match it with a simple jersey dress.  Even better, I found it at a super bargain price.  I actually found the piece on Zalora which is a website I had never bought from.  I was pleasantly surprised at the range of brand that it offers and the super speedy and efficient delivery.   For a fashionista on a tight budget (I still pray to win the lottery jackpot), this is definitely a place I would go to again for a fashion fix.  My ever covetous eyes are already looking at the House of Harlow clutches.

hh3  What I bought…House of Harlow Double Sunburst Chain

hh4 What I am currently Coveting: House of Harlow Dylan Aqua Metallic Clutch


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