Feeling Lost with My Blog…Thank You CINDIDDY, Melinda, Priscilla, Daniel and Adele!

I personally have had a tough few years and specifically a tough few months with my personal life and though the blog was originally created to help give me a voice to vent and to act as a medium to release some of my innermost angst and joys…I have recently lost my way and felt in a complete blog rut.  Not only have I not been sure of where my blog should be heading, but also simply should I continue with the blog?  I also have to admit to having a major case of blogger envy as I saw how other bloggers seemed to have evolved and become more successful than me and living the blogger lifestyle that I feel I should aspire or even dare I say it be entitled to.  However, after attending the Zara talent HK tour talk with super bloggers Cindy Ko from CINDIDDY, Melinda Wang from Ztylistas and moderated by media, PR, fashion consultant maven (who also writes the Electricsekki blog) Priscilla I’Anson, I had a short sharp reality check.  It was a metaphorical bucket of cold water in the face moment for me.  They really reminded me about what blogging should be about….ME.  My blog should be about me and if I stay with what I feel passionate about and write about what makes me tick then I really can do no wrong.  Yes, I might not get the readers, the glamourous photo shoot opportunities (actually be grateful as I am still a complete tool in front of a camera… oh photographers out there, I am willing to be your guinea pig!), the gifting and the brand adoration but as long as I feel like I am writing as me, then the blog post has been successful.  Staying true to me and what inspires me be it a beautiful dress, an outfit post from one of my favourite bloggers or simply something I have seen in the street or on tv then I think I can truly say that I am a blogger when I write about it with “my voice” and not feel like I should write or post in  a certain way.


Priscilla I’Anson, Cindy Ko, Melinda Wang
(Photo from CINDIDDY Instagram)

**How fabulous do they look?????  Love the orange dress on Priscilla and also the casual elegance of the skinny trousers/jeans, top and fierce heels of Cindy and Melinda

Ok, fashion moment aside, let’s get back to me and my blog…as well it is all about ME ME ME.  I also recently read a post from Daniel Kong which really resonated with how I had been feeling with my blog.  He had considered quitting fashion (you will be glad to know there is a happy ending to the story in the post as he does not quit fashion…Daniel I love your personal style and your photography work and would love to work with you some time… hint hint… yes I have no shame!)  His post was such a personal piece, you could not help but be touched and inspired.  It is all about these gems of posts which makes reading someone’s blog worthwhile and helps to connect the reader with the blogger.  Once again, the personal touch.

My final moment of inspiration and the final epiphany for my blogging future came from the supremely talented Adele.  No, I don’t think she has started a blog but if she did I would definitely read it as the woman is talented AND FUNNY!  I checked out her final speech prior to her encore performance at the Royal Albert Hall and she talked about the song “Someone Like You”.  Not only is this one of my personal favourites but whenever I listen to it I remember back to the painful break up with my first love.  Anyway, I digress…Adele in her speech talked about what inspired this song but also about the necessity of having at least one song on each of her albums to really move her and that she really believes herself on and the importance of having one on each of the albums as she needed to have that song to have the conviction to talk about and sing the album.

This could be said about writing a blog as you do expose parts of your soul to the public and if you do not personally invest into it then how can you expect to touch the readers out there?

Anyway, apologies for the wordy, rambling post but I feel I have poured out how I am feeling at this moment and for all those people who actually have read it, I hope you appreciate the sentiment and I thank you for taking the time to read this post.  I mean it… thank you…


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