Obsessed with Simone Rocha Lace

Obsessed with Simone Rocha Lace
Yes I know I am behind on the fashion curve but I am still loving the lace dresses from Simone Rocha.  I know it is probably still not on the hot list to love coloured lace but hey, I am not that fashion forward so it is all ok!
A quick sideline to give you a brief intro to Simone Rocha if you have not already discovered this designer.
Simone Rocha, a Fashion MA from prestigious Central Saint Martin’s College has shown her collections at LFW and had window installations at Collette and Bon Marche during Parish Fashion Week.  Her dresses have been worn by some of the coolest young Hollywood fashionistas such as Chloe Moretz.
Coloured lace can look cheap but Simone Rocha has made it classy with neon colours and a mixture of textural patterns.  For those of us who cannot afford the real thing then check out Next for their versions.  I am a bit late to get the cute red and pink lace dress but Next have some Autumnal versions currently available.
Note from someone who has been there, check the quality of the material the lace is made out of as cheaper versions can a) be scratchy on the skin, b) look cheap and c) have the colour run when washed.
PRs for Simone Rocha – any spares going in my size please contact me….he he he he just joking!  But seriously, this is a great designer and one to watch!

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