Kitty Darling…Not On the Vintage Celine…How 2 Furballs have changed my life

Yes I am supposed to be a “fashion blogger” but my young, fancy-free days of going to events and spending money on fashion have changed…no I have not become a mother (the boy is relieved that I did not somehow become pregnant during the last visit and popped out a baby this month.)  I have adopted two kittens.  You would think that this would not have changed my fashion blogging lifestyle but I have actually become a CRAZY CAT LADY.  My instagram account is now full of pictures of the kittens ( I have also started using the #petstagram…sigh).  Also my cosmetics and perfumes are now put away in drawers ( my mum is secretly hoping that the kittens manage to get into the perfume collection and spill it all in revenge for what I did to her when I was a toddler.)  Spray bottles which were used to dampen my frizzy hair are now used as discipline tools.  All pretty ceramic pieces, framed photos are placed away.  Military operation style planning also needs to be implemented to enter my wardrobe and shoe cabinet before the holy terrors (AKA kittens Odette and Mads) streak in like greased lightening to create havoc with my clothing and accessories.

Still in their kitten stage, Mads and Odette still have their fluffy kitten fur so I still have the pleasure of waiting for them to shed their lovely cat hair all over me (lint rollers will become a future necessity I predict).  I also have been warned of the scratching of shoes and other leather goods (I pray to all fashion gods that the scratching posts will help with this problem).  The blessed darlings have already made me sacrifice a few shoe boxes to them as play things.  Rather than smelling of expensive perfume, I now smell of vinegar in my desperate attempt (apparently it is a cat repellent) to stop Mads and Odette from raiding my shoe and bag cupboards.  I also pray that the vinegar will not damage too much my vintage goodies…

Now this post has been sounding like a list of complaints (actually it is a list of complaints and a waddle in pity) but when I look at them running around like crazy cats or look up at me with their cute little faces and especially when they cuddle up to me and start purring…I would not change a single moment of kitten madness.  I don’t regret adopting them one single moment.

Now I am not sure my vintage Celine will have the same sentiments.  Mads has a fondness for sitting on it.  He has good taste…

mads odette odsmads


From Top to Bottom (Mads in his “Adopt Me” photo, Odette in her “Adopt Me” photo and the two of them snuggled up at home)


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