Why I love Blogger Style Offs…

Don’t get me wrong…there is a gut wrenching disappointment when you realise you came last (or as the boy helpfully pointed out at the end of my first attempt at a blogger style off… “You came fifth…” – I was 5th out of 5 bloggers).  However there are some benefits from taking part…

1) It is great to be asked to participate, I have been lucky that the two brands who asked me to take part are brands I truly love and am passionate about so it was an honour.  You get a glimpse into the new collections and who can say no to dressing up in nice clothes?

2) Working with professional photographers is always a pleasure and you can really get some great advice about how to pose and as Tyra would say “Smize and find your light…”

3) I love seeing how other bloggers view the brand and how they style outfits.  I constantly get inspired by other bloggers and am always in awe at the looks they pull together with seemingly effortless ease.  It really is a “how do they do that?” or “I would never have thought of that but it looks so cool…” sort of moment.

Take the most recent blogger style off I took part in…it was for the gorgeous HK brand What the Frock?… Maria one of the co-founders is a great ambassador for her brand as she is beautiful, vibrant and super stylish just like her dresses.  The brand specializes in gorgeous dresses primarily in silk which are great for HK Summers!   They have just launched an accessories range to accompany the beautiful dresses.  I love the fact that all the bloggers who took part had a different interpretation of the brand….from gorgeous Grecian goddess, elegant city girls to urban grunge chic.  I chose a cute little printed knee length dress and a bright floral necklace to contrast and went for an easy day time look.  Check it out on the brand’s facebook page and like your favourite look…nudge nudge (I won’t say no to a vote!).

DSC_0285.1 DSC_0553.1 DSC_0730.1 DSC_0753.1 DSC_0791.1

Remember to check out the facebook page and vote for your favourite look!  You might win a nice prize!

Thanks to What the Frock’s Maria and Sabrina from Sabrina Sikora Photography for the photos.  All photos are used courtesy of them.


6 thoughts on “Why I love Blogger Style Offs…

  1. Bree says:

    I can see this actually being really fun to participate in. You look super gorgeous in all these photos, love the dress and how you paired it with the bold floral necklace – super pretty!

    • jackalinetang says:

      Thanks so much…I get so shy that I do not do outfit posts so your comment means so much! They are super fun especially when the people you work with are friends! Hope you keep reading my blog!

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