You spin me right round baby right round… Juicy Couture Party and Clothing Picks

Self confessed cheese queen, after attending the “Wild For Juicy Couture” Party, that song kept on popping into my head.  Not only a classic “tune”, but completely appropriate for the event… I will keep the suspense and divulge the reason why at the end of the post…yes I am cruel that way but if you really wish to know you will bear with me!

Now, I have to confess that when I initially received the invite to celebrate Juicy Couture, I was a bit sceptical about whether I would like the collection of clothes on offer.  I have to admit that when I hear “Juicy Couture”, I initially associated the brand name with celebrities like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian wearing their brightly coloured velour tracksuits.  Not really my style.  I am happy to report that I was wrong and was pleasantly surprised by the collection that was on offer.  Of course there was a nod to the R n B and pop culture with the leopard print, the gold lame hoodies as and the thick gold chains (as well as the aforementioned tracksuits) but there were also some amazing pieces.  (The closet hip hop star in me was loving the leopard print jumpsuits!)  However, there were some amazing dresses which I would be pleased to have in my wardrobe.  Lace detail and girly prints were rampant in this section of the collection which makes the dresses a perfect option for day to evening looks.



For the Hip Hop Star in all of us – leopard print jumpsuit


Super wearable Lace Dress

Accessories were another success for me with some gorgeous gold accessories and some super cute black bags… definitely worth a look!

Now back to the reason why I had Pete Byrnes singing ” You spin me right round…” in my head… The event was held in the atrium of IFC and was a glorious confection of bright colours and the signature leopard print.  A booth stood proudly in the centre and instead of the usual photo booth, it consisted of a spinning platform which you stand on and are filmed 360 degrees (yes cue bad dad dancing and worries about whether my bum looked big).  In the end after being filmed at all angles wearing Juicy Couture hoodies and funny props, a little flip book is printed out and you can literally see yourself in action.  Yes, I have evidence that I do very bad dad dancing, Peter Crouch doing the robot dance is way better than me…. sigh.  Customised phone cases were also on offer and I have to admit the event was fantastic for keeping guests amused and occupied.  Talking about guests, you know that the brand has some fashion credentials when super-HK fashionista Hilary Tsui (Liger founder) attends.

Here is a link for a video link of the night:

For those who want to check out the collection:

Juicy Couture


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