The Female of the Species is More Deadlier Than The Male

Not sure how grammatically correct that title was but a) I love the song and b) it is correct not only for us humans but also as I found out recently cats!  As you might have noticed, I have recently (well not so recently now) adopted two kittens Mads (the boy) and Odette (the girl).  Mads (or monkey, holy terror, little monster depending on the mood and what carnage he has created) recently caught a cold.  Cue lots of sneezing, lots of coughing, needing lots of attention and constant “Poor Me” looks.  Odette also caught the same cold bug and seemed to be able to deal with it quite well (as in no “Pity Me” looks).

I have come to the conclusion that the phenomenon of “Man Flu” is not exclusive to humans and cats most definitely suffer from this seemingly life threatening affliction!

As a true cat lady, (read cat obsessed), I cannot resist including in this post the ubiquitous slew of pictures of Mads.

IMG_20131015_205806 IMG_20131015_205919 IMG_20131020_034014


You will be glad to know that Mads is back to normal now after being dosed with some extremely expensive antibiotics and is back to his fine destructive form!  His current aspiration it would seem is to be Houdini as he is constantly trying to climb out of windows!


Mads attempting the Great Escape

Now that I have become cat obsessed, I feel that for my next clothing purchase, it might be appropriate to buy this:


Yes…and proud of it…




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