When Disney Princesses become “Miley Cyrus-fied”

Yes that is right…even whilst sick, I spilled my orange juice when I read about this latest art movement.  Italian artist Michele Moricci has created a series of illustrations depicting our famous childhood heroines “wearing” ( I used the word sparingly, as there was not much material on those outfits) some of Disney star to shock pop star Miley Cyrus’ most infamous outfits.

I like the idea of bringing such traditional childhood characters into the modern day but a part of me is a little bit disturbed that Mr. Moricci chose Miley Cyrus.  She has not really been the epitome of a role model for the young and impressionable.  Anyway, here you are… the illustrations in question:

ariel jasmine pocahontas sleeping beauty

From Ariel to Jasmine to Pocahontas to Sleeping Beauty

It gets better or rather it gets worse…(in my old fuddy duddy opinion…)


Cinderella Twerking…Disney is turning in his grave

miley wreck

OMG…what a wreck… excuse the pun


Belle (and I am going to get a bit smutty intentionally) – I prefer you with the Beast


Twerking at the Infamous VMA Performance (My mind is forever scarred…)

snow white

A step further… Snow White “ain’t” as pure as the driven snow no more…

The one illustration which I felt was not bad was Mulan wearing the mesh dress for the punk themed MET ball.  I like the idea of bringing stereotypical childhood icons and making them of this day but could they have at least been put in some fashion?  I don’t know…I would have quite liked to see Cinderella in a McQueen gown, some more Givenchy, or Rodarte?  Even Snow White in some House of Holland about to go to some East End bar?

I don’t disagree with art being provocative and creating discussion topics however I just feel a little bit sullied by this representation of some of my childhood heroines.  It gives me the same sad and slightly disturbed feeling as when I saw Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs in the Oita sex museum (we should leave it at the point where I say Grumpy definitely was not grumpy.)

At the end of the day, it provokes discussion and it can only be a good thing.  People look at the illustrations and it brings publicity to the artist, the magazine who prints the illustrations, the “celebrity” in question and the Disney “muses”.  However, a part of me has to think whether we should be celebrating this descent from grace (I cannot really call it a coming of age) of such a young starlet.  Also this interpretation of Disney characters does keep me thinking more and more about what role models the young have today.  (I admit, I am getting old and turning more and more into my mother…)  I guess I should just see the humour in the work and get off my high horse but hey this is simply my opinion.

So to all those designers out there…would love to see what YOU would dress Disney heroines in to make them “fashionable” (no more foam fingers please!)


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