Old Kid On The Block… Sunspel

Sunspel? I can hear you say what the eff is that? Well, fear not… let me introduce you to an old brand on the British high street (don’t worry M&S you will always be no.1 in my heart!)

Sunspel though relatively new to this blogger, was actually established in 1860 in Nottingham. Now having a bit of a renaissance with their signature piece (the “James Bond” polo shirt) being worn by Daniel Craig (hence the James Bond connection).  Also added cool factor comes from the design genius of JW Anderson who heads up the creative team at Sunspel.

DC sunspel


Daniel Craig as James Bond wearing the well “James Bond” polo shirt

For us ladies, Sunspel provides some beautiful basics for ladies too.  Think J Crew but a bit pricier.


Cute White Tennis Dress


Super Comfy Separates

Word of warning though… such quality comes at a bit of a hefty price tag (well for high street prices). A £29 vintage finish cotton t-shirt from J Crew will cost £55 for the Sunspel equivalent.  As a British girl at heart, I would probably go for the Sunspel option (if I win the lottery.)

For those here in HK, the Sunspel polo shirt is available at Lane Crawford.

Here’s to the “Best of British”… a key phrase these days.


2 thoughts on “Old Kid On The Block… Sunspel

  1. Lorna Mai (@TheColourQueen) says:

    Good to know the brand exists and as far as I’m aware J.Crew aren’t over here in the UK so Sunspel are a fantastic alternative. But as you say, they’re incredibly expensive but I guess it’s cost per wear, right? Basics are worn time and time again so it’s probably money well spent. thanks for the review.

    • jackalinetang says:

      definitely…as I get older I do tend to think about costs per wear and I do now avoid more fast fashion. I guess because of the quality (I love the feel of good materials against my skin). Thanks for commenting.

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